MeshLab Gourmet, the MeshLab companion


I developed this add-on for streamlining possible MeshLab workflows.

You can get it from Gumroad and Blender Market from the links below, the links also include FAQ and the instructions.


Blender Market


This add-on intends to streamline editing and processing of meshes/objects with external applications like MeshLab. At the moment it supports MeshLab only (more to come). The main goal of this add-on is to make the MeshLab integration seamless so that you as the user don’t need to worry about keeping track of the imports/export process and the continuous integration.

Basically you can create any number of Meshlab scripts (which can include many sub filters) and apply them to your objects right inside Blender.


  • Run custom Meshlab scripts on the currently selected object.

  • Add new Meshlab scripts to the scripts library while Blender is running.

  • Open and edit the currently selected object in Meshlab for editing, it will import the edited mesh back.

  • Edit the currently selected script in a text editor.

  • It also works with vertex only meshes as long as the chosen Meshlab script supports it.

  • It comes with a set of sample Meshlab script library.

  • Linux, Windows, MacOS supported

Please feel free to ask any questions about the current features and planned features etc.

Release Notes for v1.1

  • Option to keep the processed meshes in the temp folder
  • Automatic conversion of imported meshes to quads from triangles
  • The addon now detects no edits in Meshlab, no unnecessary imports anymore
  • The exported mesh is triangulated prior to processing for better compability with MeshLab/MeshLabServer
  • Object rotation is maintained across the versions
  • Better handling of the imported mesh’s pivot

Release Notes for v1.2

  • Blender 2.80 update
  • Some scripts are updated

Couple screen recordings of the possible things you can do with this addon

Remesh Point cloud

Remesh Isotropic

Smoothing using Meshlab 2 step smooth

Edit scripts in an external editor from Blender

Edit in MeshLab workflow

Remesh holes with Poisson

Refresh Scripts


Wow , great addon!
Thank you.


This add-on is now also on Blender Market (along with Gumroad), see the first post for the updated links and the release notes. And I just pushed a new release with some fixes and additions.

@micro26 I am glad you liked it.

If you bought the addon and need it to be ported to 2.8 for your production reasons please let me know.

I am not in a hurry to port it to 2.8 because the 2.8 API is still nudged so I prefer to port my addons to 2.8 when it is mature.

I have 1 free license up for grabs. Just pm me, and let me know why you want it.


HI, this looks very interesting !
Cool Idea to combine Blender and meshlab in this way :slight_smile:

Do you Know this discussion?

Do you think it would be possible to connect Blender to this “freeship” thing as well, to use it inside blender for a quadmesh to nurbs conversion (or at least to export )

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I am not sure about if it offers any form of API or scripting interface. If it does, it is possible to intagrate it in Blender the way I implemented Meshlab.

In any case I have a list of processing apps. I added Freeship to the list. However no plans to implement that atm since it lacks documentation about this stuff.


This add-on now works in 2.80 too.


I just released a hot fix release (v1.2.1) for the 2.80. It seems like there had been an 2.80 API change since my last release.

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