hello use beveling for that, filets are planar bevels, but bevels are round…

Actuallly fillets are always round. Chamfer/bevels - always flat. Generic 3d modeling softwares just merge what into 1 word, mostly time “bevel” cause there only 1 tool for that with variable settings from chamfer to fillet. CAD softwares have 2 different tools for that.

Despite of that, i just wanted to be sure what latest version of mechmachine allow to separately change chamfer distances.


so MESHmachine creates fillets from flat bevels/chamfers. That means, that if you can create a chamfer that varies in width and/or angle, MESHmachine’s Fuse tool will be able to create a fillet from it.

Note, that while you can dial in the “tension” property to adjust the curvature, it probably won’t ever be perfectly circular. The way the surface is built mirrors tangential continuity.

I’ve tried to recreate your example here:

Also see and

I actually cover these terms in the MESHmachine FAQ, have a look.


Can we change ALT+ESC hotkey for finishing editing stashes?
In Win10 it used for switching between windows. I personally don’t use it. But to disable it seems like I need to install third party tools.

Didn’t know about this. I made a note.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to edit in operators/


All your addons are amazing to use man, great work, i’m just curious about smart drive, are you planning for some documentation ?

Thanks! Documenting MACHIN3tools is tricky, because If I have free time I like to spend it on art or tool dev, not on documenting my free addon. Although the amount of work put into MACHIN3tools so far absolutely does deserve better documentation. If you have questions about Smart Drive, please ask in the MACHIN3tools thread.


Hi MACHIN3, any suggestions about the next release?

Working on something else right now, plus have to prepare DM for the 2.91 release next week. If I have something MM to show, I’ll share it.


Hey Machin3, I recently bought MeshMachine and I’m glad I did!
I do have a question: as a test I have mapped some of the commands to a hotkeys of my own liking (based on the tooltip name, e.g. machin3.unchamfer). This creates a problem where the tool runs, but the HUD blinks briefly and dissapears altogether. The commands modal inputs still work (tested with mark sharp yes/no in unchamfer). Considering this may not be the intended use of your tool, do you nevertheless think this can be fixed somehow?

E: This is on Blender 2.91

afaik it messes up where hud is drawn

go to blender addons folder and /MESHmachine/utils open
find function draw_init
and change lines
self.HUD_x and self.HUD_x to

self.HUD_x = bpy.context.area.width / 2 - 150 + HUDx_offset
self.HUD_y = bpy.context.area.height - 90 + HUDy_offset

The problem lies in passing the modal op’s events to the HUD drawing function.

For whatever reason the events don’t update as they should, when the op is called from a keymap, but do update fine when called from a menu.

This looks more like a Blender bug to me than any fault of mine. To work around it, self.HUD_x and _y could be set from the ops modal(), in which case it will work fine for both situations.

Zurions solution also works, but creates a fixed HUD, no longer tied to the mouse.


event.mouse_x instead of mouse position returns some absurd number

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Thanks for the help, I am a little confused though to whether or not I changing the self.HUD_x and _y works the way Machin3 suggested due to the bug. I don’t know python and don’t want to bother you with showing me what needs to be changed, so I will stick to the Meshmachine menu.

@gorion103 Have you submitted a bugreport on this issue? :innocent:
It might be relevant to other addons with a HUD as well.

Hello! I bought this plugin recently and I’m loving it so far. Thank you for all your amazing work.

I’m running into some issues with plugs in Blender 2.91.0 with MeshMachine 0.6.13
Specifically when using the ‘contain’ function when applying a plug. (Screenshot below)

I hope this isn’t something on my end as I haven’t been able to reproduce this on Blender 2.90 or earlier versions.

This was caused by a Blender 2.91 issue, which has been resolved. You can try again in the latest experimental Blender versions, or since I usually don’t recommend using these wait for a MM bug fix release, or wait for the 2.91.1 release.


Hi, Circle tool always hangs and crashes regardless of how i make the selection. I’ve had this issue since 2.8. LoopTools Circle doesn’t hang, but I prefer the controls of MESHmachine Circle and would like to use it. Thanks!

Just a heads up, that for whatever reason, Blender 2.91.2 does not include this fix. I’m working on a MM release to fix this and add a few new things. Should be out early next week.


v0.7.0 is out | Gumroad | Blender Market

Learn what’s new.
What’s new playlist.


  • add Boolean tool
  • add BooleanApply tool
  • add Select tool
    • a selection wrapper that picks VSelect, SSelect, LSelect or Blender’s native loop select depending on existing selection context
    • keymapped to ALT + LMB by default
  • add QuickPatch tool
  • add DeletePlug tool
    • with only the handles selected, conveniently delete one or multiple plugs (incl. related and potentiall hidden deformers and occluders)
    • use the X “shortcut” in the MESHmachine object menu
  • add SweepStashes tool (sidepanel)
    • clean up a scene after appending an object with stashes from another blend file
  • Symmetrize tool - add flick mode
    • symmetrize in any of the 6 local space directions using a single keymap
  • LSelect tool
    • support selecting multiple loops at once or one after another
    • prevent issues with zero length edges
  • expose Stashes in 3D view’s sidepanel
    • show, (re)name, swap and remove an object’s stashes
  • CreateStash tool
    • support stashing face selections
    • support finishing early and canceling
  • ViewStashes tool
    • add stash swapping capability
      • support MACHIN3tools grouping, when swapping
    • add stash clearing capability
    • support setting wireframe alpha
    • support canceling when stashes were retrieved
    • select only retrieved stash objects when finishing
  • ViewOrphanStashes tool
    • add stash clearing capability
  • TransferStashes tool
    • always make transferred stash objects unique
  • remove ClearStashes and ClearOrphanStashes tools
  • Plugs
    • use to BOUNDS draw type for plug handles
    • fix contain issue in 2.91
  • TurnCorner
    • support toggling width adjustement
  • QuadCorner
    • fix issue in redo panel
  • various other tweaks and improvements
    • add basic statusbar hints for all modal tools
    • improve stash and HUD drawing incl. anti aliasing
    • update stash matrix format and introduce stash versioning and UUIDs
    • support ALT navigation in modal tools where it was still missing
    • make HUD following mouse optional
    • expose HUD timeout factor to preferences
    • fix HUD issue when modal ops are called via keymap
  • experimental features (undocumented and excluded from product support!)
    • split edge NormalTransfer approach next to sharp edges
    • BooleanCleanup flip option, useful for mesh cuts
    • OffsetCut tool
  • add MESHmachine plug
  • update license