hello use beveling for that, filets are planar bevels, but bevels are round…

Actuallly fillets are always round. Chamfer/bevels - always flat. Generic 3d modeling softwares just merge what into 1 word, mostly time “bevel” cause there only 1 tool for that with variable settings from chamfer to fillet. CAD softwares have 2 different tools for that.

Despite of that, i just wanted to be sure what latest version of mechmachine allow to separately change chamfer distances.


so MESHmachine creates fillets from flat bevels/chamfers. That means, that if you can create a chamfer that varies in width and/or angle, MESHmachine’s Fuse tool will be able to create a fillet from it.

Note, that while you can dial in the “tension” property to adjust the curvature, it probably won’t ever be perfectly circular. The way the surface is built mirrors tangential continuity.

I’ve tried to recreate your example here:

Also see and

I actually cover these terms in the MESHmachine FAQ, have a look.


Can we change ALT+ESC hotkey for finishing editing stashes?
In Win10 it used for switching between windows. I personally don’t use it. But to disable it seems like I need to install third party tools.

Didn’t know about this. I made a note.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to edit in operators/


All your addons are amazing to use man, great work, i’m just curious about smart drive, are you planning for some documentation ?

Thanks! Documenting MACHIN3tools is tricky, because If I have free time I like to spend it on art or tool dev, not on documenting my free addon. Although the amount of work put into MACHIN3tools so far absolutely does deserve better documentation. If you have questions about Smart Drive, please ask in the MACHIN3tools thread.


Hi MACHIN3, any suggestions about the next release?

Working on something else right now, plus have to prepare DM for the 2.91 release next week. If I have something MM to show, I’ll share it.