Modo-Me, Modo like action centers in Blender, Smart Action Centers and Axis Management


Thanks for reporting those.

The way the element mode operates in Modo is not really possible in Blender as far as I can tell, because the transform operations will always operate on the active and the selected components/objects. This might be somehow possible at some point however I did not really put too much thinking into. I definitely would like to implement that because it is really a cool way to work.

The Cursor alignment based Transform Orientation is a quite recent implementation. Blender 2.80 alphas first got Cursor rotation feature (2.7x and earlier did not have rotation, the cursor only had position) then they recently added that to the TOs. So that stuff was not part of the picture when I developed the add-on. I will try to add that to the next release.

Btw the “Custom” mode is broken again with recent Blender 2.80 updates. I will try to make a release soon with the FRs and the fixes.

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I am an ex-modo user.
In the action center, the feature I used most often was element mode.
After buying this add-on, I am very sorry to know that element mode does not actually work properly.
I’m happy if you can continue to improve this add-on.

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Thanks for your interest in Modo-Me.

Please see the post above yours to why the Element mode cant work the way it did in Modo.

On the other hand, I am going to release a new version soon which should employ the tweak like editing for the Element mode, like in Modo. However referencing another component wont be here for a while. Like mentioned above, I need to do some napkin drawings to figure out how I can get that going.

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I just pushed a new version


  • Fix Custom Location center related errors.
  • Added Tweak mode for the Element action
  • Cursor action now uses the Cursor rotation for the transform axis

@sakuyama @Son

Can you please try the Element mode to see if it feels slightly better? Still no other element referencing, I have some ideas but I need to test more in Modo and Blender and see if this can be handled gracefully.

Btw if I am not sure with whats up with Gumroad but I do not see the uploaded files. If you have the same issue please let me know I will try to contact Gumroad about it.

I mostly use element action center too, so here’s hoping kkar can implement it like Modo in the future. I don’t regret buying the add-on though.

Great to hear that. Did you get a chance to test the new version I pushed yesterday?

I just tried the new release, selecting element action center seem to make the transform tool disappear. Maybe I’m using it wrong? I select a edge on a cube move it down, then select element action center, no transform manipulator shows up, but I can still select edges.

I also got the same problem.
I’m sorry I can’t figure out how to use the new element mode.

@Son @sakuyama

Sorry guys I guess I did not make it much clear :slight_smile: Because the element mode in the addon is a bit like duplicate of selection action, I thought that why not turn it into Modo’s “Element Edit Mode” :slight_smile: I guess that did not go well.


Can you guys try that with this new information in mind :slight_smile: If it sounds stupid, I will revert back for sure, or rename it to Element Edit Mode at least.

I’m a beginner with Blender so forgive me if I’m talking silly things.
In Blender2.8, if [Orientation] is set to [Geometry] in the 3D Cursor tool option and action center in this addon is set to [Cursor],is it almost the same operation as MODO’s element mode?

The Cursor Tool orientation to Geometry in the pane is quite new. Based on what you are saying it sounds like that can be used for implementing the Element mode, but the thing is the Cursor tool is its own tool (as of now) so to orient the Cursor (so it can be used as alignment) one has to drop the current tool and get back to it. And the regular Cursor manipulation (via Shift -Right Click in LCS) does not respect the surface normals.

The other issue with that method is that the Cursor alignment (in Geometry mode), happens per surface not per component, it is very hard to hit an edge or a vertex. However for polygons it is kind of possible.

The main issue is that in Blender it is not possible to temporarily click on a component (like an edge) while you are in Transform tool. This could be possible to achieve but like I mentioned before I need to do some thinking about it.

I understand about the new “element mode”. This is also one of the things I wanted Blender to do, so I want it to be kept.
However, I feel uncomfortable to name this as “element mode” of “action center”.

I am glad that it it useful to you. I will reorganize the menu a bit and have a split section for imitated Modo transform tools like the tweak mode (which is based on element falloff).

Thank you.
Overall, this addon makes Blender very easy to use for me.
I’m looking forward to further improvements.

Here is a new add in the next version. Not necessarily a new feature but it will make it more like Modo I guess.

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Hi, I just bought Your addon.
I used modo so I’m very curious how actioncenters works with blender.

It is possible with your addon to make axis of rotation like this. When i use Element AC with your addon rotation is on element AC but is rotating with last selected face.

Could you do in the next versions that after selecting action center return to the select mode that was last selected and not always to “tweak” mode? I never use tweak mode but always box select.

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Thank you for your interest in Modo-Me.

There are no action centers in Blender. There are Transform Orientations and centers. Modo-Me tries to mimic AC as much as possible with the given tool set and API in Blender.

The element mode is one of those corner cases where one to one implementation is not possible as of now. Please see the replies starting from Son’s couple replies above for more details. We were just talking about the issues surrounding it.

The tweak mode was a test, the Element center normally acted similar to the others. It will be reverted back in the next release. I am hoping that at some point I will be able to implement a usable Element Mode. Still contemplating options.

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Here is an element mode with a comprimise. Sorry about the mouse pointer location, must be a graphic driver issue when recording.

The last selected component is the element mode’s center and the axis. Bear in mind that the last component is not moved or manipulated at all as you see, it is the reference only.

Let me know if you guys like it, I will push a release with it.



I just pushed a new version.

The element mode now relies on the last selected component in Edit Mode.


  • [NEW] Modo-Me menu now can be accessed from the Toolbar Header menu.
  • [NEW] There is now a new section for tools
  • [NEW] Element Edit and Element Edit with FallOff (Tweak modes)
  • [BETA] The Element Action now relies on the last selected component



Thanks for the update.

Just FYI:


Icon a little too close to “Action”