Modular Tree


(royor) #446

I can’t seem to install this add-on I even tried copying the folder to scripts / add-on etc. but nothing happen.

(JuhaW) #447

Try Supported level > Testing

(royor) #448

im barely new to blender, may I know what this is and where to find?

(JuhaW) #449

Look at your image top left, you have Official and Community selected.

(Dan Wipf) #450

Hi, I’ve got a problem and don’t know how to solve it. I’m on Blender 2.79, and can’t activate the Plugin, due to an Error: ImportError, cannot import name “multiarray”.

Somebody knows about this?

Thanks Dan

(ambi) #451

If you are on Linux you need to install Numpy for Python 3. On Debian based systems it’s “sudo apt install python3-numpy”

Also I don’t know why Numpy is in your addons folder. You should probably delete it.

(Dan Wipf) #452

well i’m on Mac. I didn’t had to delete numpy in the Addons folder.

but for Mac this worked:

open in Terminal:

(Nitram_2000) #453

My first attempt using this plugin along with the Graswald free samples. This is such an amazing tool.

I messed about with the tree textures, so that’s why they look a bit strange on the barks.

My main problem right now is when I try and make more trees that it always creates the new particle system when I hit create tree, regardless of whether I have the check boy ticked or not in the build tree node. This means that my trees are always a bit random. Maybe I’ll have to play a little more with this though, as I’ve only been using it for a few hours.

(kabu) #454

Or use Pip4Blender, given you apparently have a custom Blender install using non embedded python on Os X.

(Dan Wipf) #455

thx for advice :slight_smile:

is it possible to have planes as leafs? using it in unity, reducing the vertex count…

(Shunke) #456

Is there a way to bake the wind animation?
I managed to bake Fast Wind with Blender’s built in baking function,
but for Wind Operator wind, it doesn’t seem to work.

(mistajuliax) #457

How to use wind ?? when i clic onj wind operator i get a error log …

(Dan Wipf) #458

i think you need to have an armature, the documention on github explains it so

(mistajuliax) #459

i already read the documentation, but it seems not to work as expected … armature don’t bind to the tree … i can’t get it work. Also there’s no way to bake animation, may be it needs more work and i have to waiting for a new release.

(Dan Wipf) #460

well i gues he’s busy releasing it as an asset for unity :slight_smile:

(Maxime) #461

As blender 2.8 entered Beta, I will start to work on the next version of the addon.

I have been writing a similar tool for unity, and it gave me a lot of insights about modular tree. Now that I look at it again, the addon doesn’t seem as great as I envisioned it, and I hope fix that in the next version.

The goal for the next version is: stop wasting time adding half-finished new features, and focus on the actual tree creation process, making it easier, and producing good looking trees by default.

Can’t wait for that to happen !

(Shunke) #462

I just followed the documentation. But it sometimes gave me an error message too. I don’t know why.

(mistajuliax) #463

Great to see that you are still evolved to imrpove your addon !! I was wondering how work your procedural wind ??

(mak485) #464

i made new leaf with plane & png, edited accordingly, new leaf appearing but can not work with new leafs. anything missing?

(JuhaW) #465

Edit/save your leaf in materials.blend