Modular Tree


(Jesus) #586

Like this

(Maxime) #587

That’s a good idea, I think I will add such option

(Maxime) #588

Wonderful !
Some descriptions are not entirely correct, but to me it is very helpful to know which settings are hard to understand, so thanks a lot :slight_smile:

(Maxime) #589

The bark materials can now be appended in the N panel of the node editor.

I also made changes to the nodes, so old presets will not give the same results as before. I updated those that currently come with the addon.

Old oak with bark material:

(Maxime) #590

In order to have a better uvs, you can add a smooth modifier with the “group” vertex group as control and 10-20 iterations.

(Renzatic) #591

Hey, while you’re here, could I ask you what exactly the Grow node does?

From the description, I’d think of it as a way to expand upon and/or age the various components of a tree. In action, it seems more like a redundant override, with much the same settings as the Branch node.

The other nodes are rather easy to come to terms with, but that one has me stumped.

(Maxime) #592

The grow node takes selected extremities and grow them.
The branch node is a combination of split node and grow node. I would advise to use the branch node for most cases. In order to have more control and make more complex trees, one may need to use split and grow nodes.

When I have the time I will provide an example where the branch node cannot quite do the job.

(Renzatic) #593

Alright, thanks. I’ll play around with it a bit more, and see what I can come up with.

Also, if you want to tell which entries I didn’t quite get right, feel free. I plan on updating the doc to account for at least the Split and Twig nodes tomorrow, and I can easily correct any mistakes I’ve made while I’m banging those out.

(Jesus) #594

@Renzatic i maked this Betula papyrifera tree with grow node for form and branch node for the rest.

@Maxime i have better control when making trees, although I still feel that there are problems when generating the direction of the twigs since some twigs are oriented to the opposite side of the natural direction even though the results are very good. i fix a big part of this problem rotating my twig manually, but it dont solve completely.

(Kumaran sip) #595

Nice,how did you create multiple twig.

(Kumaran sip) #596

cant create multiple twigs.

(Jesus) #597

I duplicate the twig and work in the original for evit this problem.

(Kumaran sip) #598

I am a idiot,thank you entity.

(Maxime) #599


  • shape : how the thickness changes along the trunk

  • Axis attraction : pull the trunk toward its axis


  • amount : This one is tricky, it’s not the number of branches but the number of points that will create branches, with each point potentially creating more than one branch.

  • Max split number : How many branches a point (see below) can create.

  • Start : It is now a value between 0 and 1, 0 meaning the first branches may appear at the base, and 1 meaning that the first branches will appear at the end.


  • Split flatten : how flat a branch will look.

(Maxime) #600

You are right, the twigs are created in the y axis but the particle system expects them to be on the x axis. I just fixed that, the twigs are now on the x axis.

I will also expose more control over the twigs directions.

(kabu) #601

This addon is “growing up” really well. Keep it going! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

(Kumaran sip) #602

Maxime thank you for this awsome addon,this addon si the best replacement for sapling.

(Maxime) #603

There is now the possibility to only grow twigs on the end of the branches

(Kumaran sip) #604

Maxime grease pencil node missing and branches faceing x direction

how to fix this???

(Kumaran sip) #605
Its ok i fixed it,just rotating the twig to face x solves the problem.