Modular Tree


(Nitram_2000) #667

You’re killing this man!

Any chance you could send them to @Maxime to include as presets? A library such as this would prove invaluable.

(Jesus) #668

yes, no problem.
I think to create video tutorials for practice my English, but I do not promise anything.

(Jesus) #669

I continuing proving and searching methods for create trees and i have had a very good and realistic results :smiley: .
example of this n.n
the second output is the key for a very controlable trees and final grow node with 1 for lengh and can spawn leaf disabled is the solution for eliminate the final twigs that not follow leaf directionality and weight of the others twigs.

(Kumaran sip) #670

Entity can you explain the purpose of split node.

(Kumaran sip) #671

When i click execute tree or randomize tree it creates new tree without replacing old tree.and also auto update is not working.

(Dan Wipf) #672

i think you need to select first the created tree, or it will always create a new one

(Jesus) #673

for automatic update and keep only one geometry you need select the first trunk or node tree executed.

the purpose of split node is convert the grow node behavior similar to branch node, but personally i think is more controllable because you have two split angle for the control branches, one for base branches and other for split branches.

(Kumaran sip) #674

Thank you dan

(Kumaran sip) #675

Thank you Entity

(Nitram_2000) #676

Your dedication to this plugin is astounding! I salute you good sir, and doff my hat to you. :beers:


This Scot Pine is amazing. I’d like to create those fantastic leaves for this pine. Could You help me with this and show me how you achieved those leaves?

(wolfie138) #678

these example all seem very similar - can you do palm trees, joshua trees, cacti (!) etc?

(Maxime) #679

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions concerning the code :slight_smile:

(ambi) #680

Any thoughts on integrating this addon with the likes of Animation Nodes? It would be really cool if you could also procedurally animate the various parameters. Or would you be ok with it if someone else gives it a shot?

(Maxime) #681

I probably won’t be the one to do it, but I welcome any that would try such thing !

(ScottTX) #682

Quick simple palm trees can be done.

(Maxime) #683

Palm tree:

(AFWS) #684

What’s the multiple outputs on the trunk node? I haven’t messed with the 2.8 version yet.

(mistajuliax) #685

May be it is asked many times but is there anyway to bake animation ? If not Will it be available in near future ? I don’t know if it is doable but do you plan to add dynamic lod ?

(Jesus) #686

This is my version of palm tree, but I think the leafs is very random and savage.
The material are a default material of the addon and simple leaf shader for palm leafs.