Modular Tree

looking promising is, will there be like a few presets for twigs?

Probably, although I don’t know how presets will be implemented (I have yet to try the asset browser)

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Yes, yes, it does, kinda.
You just add a mesh to the asset browser that has an geo node attached to it.

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That works for geo nodes but the Mtree node tree doesn’t belong to an object

Here is another twig example:


Here is the blend file:
twig.blend (2.0 MB)


i found that add shader is working bether than mix shader with translucent bsdf

here mix shader

and here add


Hello Maxime! Can You explain how your distribution branch geometry nodes works?
I tried to recreate your none setup in new “field” system, but nothing works. I figured out, that you are using direction attribute generated by your addon with align Euler and cross product, but it doesn’t give me much.

@bicu i alredy did that and yes he is using atributes wich are generated by the addon

oh, good for you i guess

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