Most missed Add on's

Your not the only one having the same problem. I’ve seen the same post here multiple times. Even I made one…lol.

This anime spline hair addon

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Adding to the Real Time Animation add-on, I’d also love to see the Motion Trail add-on updated:

I also think this should be a standard Blender function, like in 3ds Max. Blender’s Motion Paths should be extended with editable Bézier functionality.

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but you get this problem

That’s a pity. Would be nice if Motion Trail could be updated to work properly with the latest 2.81 alpha master builds.

I found this partially working version for 2.80:

I uncommented everything that was commented out and it does seem to sort of work, it just doesn’t draw the frames/handles/numbers properly but you can select frames and use G to move them around at least.

edit: Oh, it helps if I open my console, I think I see what you were talking about. Removing APIs without a replacement sure is annoying.

edit2: Re-writing the drawing, getting somewhere now!

edit3: I got it all working! I’m not sure it handles events properly though and I’ve seen some weird RNA error every now and then that I haven’t been able to replicate on demand. Need to compare to 2.79 to see if speed and acceleration are drawing properly. I’ll post the file in the thread for the addon and tag interested people from here.


The BA page of this addon it’s gone because of the transition of the server. I’m not the author/dev (which seems MIA) . What this addon doing is explained in the PDF inside the archive.


Short story short: it use physic on objects, then it tile them and give a proper cam setup to render the result as a texture. It’s strongest aspect: it work around the physic, so collision objects don’t produce a strong ‘interserction’ between the objects themselves (f.e. 2 or more coins getting ‘union booleaned’, a really odd result).
The minus is that the how-to about setting the tiling then rendering the roughness/heigthmap/normal/whatever is not user-friendly. It’s still in a beta status but the core is strong, if anyone wanna give a look at it to make a similar addon, or upgrade/revamp it for 2.8, it would be great.

tiles’n’piles seamless (2.1 MB)


Thanks, interesting addon.
It is possible to render maps directly from the viewport using a normal MatCap and features of the workbench.


I found this addon for 2.79 and I think it would be nice to have it for 2.8+

This addon have some cool tools, especially this infinity chamfer, but it doesn’t work in 2.8