Multi Exporter

Now, if you enter ‘//’ and click ‘Enter’, the line displays the full path of the saved project. If the project is not saved, the line will remain empty.

Hi, does this add-on allow for multple .fbx import at the same time ? Often I have many zbrush parts exported as .fbx I want to get into Blender for LP. It just takes allot of time manually importing/exporting. Cheers,

I think you can use this addon for multi import fbx or obj

Currently you cannot import multiple files.


It solves the lag and the “/” in front of the exported file name :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But, if the user updates from the previous versions, the lag persists. Anyone updating remember to first uninstall the previous version, restart blender, and then install the new one.

Great job @AlexMcKonst :slight_smile:

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I apologize @AlexMcKonst for promoting my add-on in his thread but I have to plug my add-on here since it sound like it can remedy @PolyGreen issue. IO Guru can export all the set exports at once and can import multiple files at once (even mixed formats). It works differently than Multi Exporter. So they are not necessarily competing.