Originie: Teleport the pivot with magic, a feature packed pivot master add-on


It seems like it installed fine. For now lets just remove it from that addon tab and reinstall. Also remove any custom keymaps you made for it. Restart Blender and install it again and it should just work with ; by default you do not have to do anything for it. If it does not, it is possible another keymapping is using ;

If it still does not work, you can assign it to another key by using the settings in the image. Just enter those text values and pick a shortcut.

Also in the Keymap editor instead of Name select Key-Binding (top left) and then search for ; That will show you all the tools that use ;

i changed key from ; , it was not working

And one more thing

can origin of object be oriented to selected face?
Not only position, but also rotation?

Cool, it sounds like either something else was using ; or the key on your keyboard was not working :wink: Btw I think the ; is actually the one below P in your keyboard picture.

There is no concept of pivot with orientation in Blender. The pivot only holds the location information. If you are talking about making the object to align to its own face , therefor object’s orientation is facing the same direction, I assume is doable. But that will alter the rotation of the object.

If all you want is to be able to move/rotate the object along the normal of the selected face/edge/vertex occasionally then you can take a look at my Modo-Me add-on (called component mode in it). Owners of Originie have access to %50 discount for Modo-Me. Just pm with your email address of your purchase. If you do not want to pay for one more add-on then take a look at transform orientation in Blender.

Originie is all about setting the pivot of an object. Modo-Me is more like setting the transformation center and axis temporarily for the current transformation.

The way I got rotation to work is definitely not ideal / I got it from another pivot addon. He was basically rotating the verts back to keep the object looking the same, after pivot rotation. But if you do it on a dense mesh, it could take a few seconds. Also then doesn’t work on lamps or something else. I forget if you can rotate it now in 2.81. I haven’t tried for a while. I’ll check or test today.

I rotate the pivot in 3ds Max, for example, to orient along the object axis in some cases. So I can align shapes more quickly / easily. In blender I could maybe use other methods. But it’s still faster I feel to have the pivot rotated as I like and use various align tools to orient it to another object(s). With something like ModoMe, could I quickly do the same with let’s say, 5 objects, without setting the 3D cursor or transform via edge orientation every time?

I do not exactly know what functionality you are looking for (you can always make a 3dsMax video showing it) since I never used 3dsMax, but that is what Modo-Me is for. You can set the transformation location and axis based on bunch of stuff. However bear in mind Modo-Me does not alter the pivot or the rotation of the object. It provides you a “temporary pivot” and a “temporary axis”, some is based on transform orientations some based on calculated cursor stuff etc.

For instance, you can select an edge and run “Component” in Modo-Me. Now you can move the object along the selected edge’s alignment.

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Here’s a GIF of how 3DS Max Works, and how I use it to rotate the Pivot and Align Objects.

Here’s my Addon/Tool I made in Blender to try to replicate the same thing, but has the issues I mentioned before… Ideally Blender would do this by default and not have to be as hacky as mine does it.

I see. As far as I can tell this is more about aligning than pivot stuff although the pivot is partial. There could be many ways the alignment axis can be calculated and be matched to another object.

In theory one should not need to set up an axis manually so it can match another object’s rotation. You should be able to pick an edge as the axis on the source object and that will be your alignment axis. Or the alignment axis can be calculated based on other parameters, like averaging, cursor etc.

The only tricky part is that if both objects rotations are zeroed out or baked in, how would you find out the rotation angle for alignment? In such cases an aiding method is needed.

I will add this as a todo for Modo-Me, although I would think that this is a totally new tool idea.


Yeah, doesn’t necessarily have to be modifying the real pivot/rotation of the object. Yes, is more so about alignment for sure.

There’s an awesome script I have in Max as well, where you can select a top/side face, and it will re-build the Transform Matrix/Pivot Rotation, and even make it “non destructive” where the rotation is actually from 0,0,0, back into what it was. Meaning, if you reset rotation, it will be the default/reset state, and not baked in, as you mentioned. I think that involves alot of math, that I am probably not able to do myself, haha.

I tend to think that there are probably some addons that can achieve some of that. I will take a look at it when I have time.

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I just released v1.2 with

  • [NEW] Drop to ground

  • [NEW] Local offset for numerical pivot input

Drop to ground

Numerical Input


Nice add-on!

  • Could you change the PieMenu name to something like Originie? Select Mode isn’t really clear for new users.
  • I can’t get the Edit Pivot mode to work properly. If I left click, it finishs the Edit Pivot, which means that I can’t left click on the translation gizmo.


I am glad that you like the add-on.

  • I totally missed that naming part, blaming my theme, was barely readable. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • I originally designed the pivot edit mode before 2.81 work but it seemed like they were adding pivot editing to 2.81 so I had to stop developing it further. As of now the add-on’s pivot edit mode is good for doing quick moves in the ortho views. So the way you described it is how it works now. I am going to rewrite that functionality with the new additions in 2.81, it did not make sense to spend more time on a feature that was going to be obsolete in couple months. I hope it makes sense.



There is a new version up with new the pivot editing mode support for 2.81


  • [BETA] New Edit Pivot Mode for 2.81 and up. Insert key can be used to enable and disable it.

  • [FIX] Menu rename


That could be possible in 2.81, I just made a new release that works with 2.81 pivot editing. However rotating the pivot also affects the object rotation so I am realy not sure if that is a good idea or not at this point since unintentional rotation can have undesired affactes at object level.

Cool, thanks. Somehow I missed this update news, even though I’ve got this thread set to ‘Watching’.

Yeah it seems like Dicourse’s messaging update system is missing some posts and likes.

Nice work !

Thanks, I am glad to hear that another Blender user like my add-on work.

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New update

This new update adds ability to resize an object to fit inside Blender unit cube, it uses the longest side as the measurement basis. It works based on the actual dimentions and the bounding box of the object. It is not just a simple scale reset.

See the demos below.


  • [NEW] New Unitfy (with rotation reset) functionality to fit objects into one unit cube.