Originie: Teleport the pivot with magic, a feature packed pivot master add-on

Originie is an add-on for manipulating the pivot’s (the origin in Blender lingo) position with ease. It comes with bunch of tools that would let you move the pivot around as you “wish”.


  • Edit the pivot with numerical entry (also with local offset)

  • Interactive Bounding Box mode (sides / corners)

  • Visually edit the pivot’s position

  • Position to the bounding box of the object (Sides, Points, Edges with percentages)

  • Bottom and Top positioning, great for characters and such.

  • Move the pivot to the parent’s location.

  • Relocate the pivots of all selected object’s to the active object’s location.

  • Move the active object’s pivot to the selected object(s) position.

  • Position the pivot(s) to the geometric center.

  • Move the pivot(s) to the cursor.

  • Teleport to the World origin.

  • Randomize the pivot’s location.

  • Use the ruler as a guide to glide the pivot across.

  • Fake animatable pivot (Cursor, Active, Selected, World) for editing without modifying the original pivot.

  • Drop to ground, great for characters and 3d printing

  • Pie like menu for accessing all functions easily.

  • Object and Edit mode support.

  • Supports most object types.

  • Predefined shortcuts, INSERT for editing pivot visually (like in Maya), SEMI COLON (;) for the pie menu.

  • Support for 2.81 pivot enhancements.

  • Unity to fit objects into one Blender unit size

  • Drop to ground


More features will be added since I intent to improve this add-on as much as possible. However the 2.81 version of Blender is bringing up bunch of new features and additions to the origin (or the pivot in other applications), that is why more advanced pivot editing might be implemented after seeing the final version of pivot editing in 2.81

The bottom line is that the pivot needs love in Blender and I would like to make it happen in a way that makes using pivot/origin more friendly for those oldies and the newcomers from other applications like Maya/Modo/C4d etc. I have more features in the todo that did not make to the initial release.

Blender Market

I would like to thank @Metin_Seven for testing the add-on and offering ideas.



  • [NEW] Interactive Bounding Box mode (sides / corners)
  • [FIX] Refined the pivot editing experience
  • [FIX] Support links and extra info for the add-on tab


  • [NEW] Drop to ground

  • [NEW] Local offset for numerical pivot input


There is a new version up with new pivot editing mode supporrt for 2.81


  • [BETA] New Edit Pivot Mode for 2.81 and up.Insert key can be used to enable and disable it.

  • [FIX] Menu rename


  • [NEW] New Unitfy (with rotation reset) functionality to fit objects into one unit cube.


The new version (1.3.2) is up


  • [NEW] Some of the operators now support multiple selection
  • [FIX] Edge cases with the interactive mode
  • Update for 2.9x branches


Basic Usage

Interactive Bounding Box mode

Bounding box (Sides, Edges, Corners)

Visual Pivot Editing

Numerical Entry

Edit Mode

Fake Pivot

Top And Bottom

Selected and Active

Ruler guiding


Drop to ground

Numerical Input

v1.3.1 Unitfy

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Another very useful add-on, thanks! :+1:

Set origin to the ruler! Just Awesome!
Also the ability to slide the origin numeric on edges.
Got it!

It sounds like you are feeling the magic. I am glad that you found creative pivotting solutions to be useful. Please feel free to rate the addon.

I am working on some new features for this addon, I will post a demo video later.

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Thank you for this, got it from Gumroad. Q: How similar is this addon in functionality to Modo-Me? Do they overlap a lot, or they complement each other?

Thanks for developing this, it was a much needed tool.

Hey happy see another happy user.

Modo-Me is mostly about editing side of things, so it is more about how quickly you want to position your transform tools or the origin that is required for your active tool. Most of the time the origin placement by Modo-me is temporary, for the occasion. And it does not mess with the pivot.

On the otherhand Originie is solely focused on the pivot. If all you rely on is the pivot for your transforms, there could be some overlap but not much. I personally find that they compliment eachother.


if you are also interested in Modo-Me as well I would be more than happy to offer you a %50 discount code. I did not think that people might be interested in multiple addons from me. I will work on bundling idea so it is cheaper for the existing supporters.

Like I mentioned in my prev post, more features are on the way for Modo-Me and Originie, so thanks for your support.


Thank you, don’t mind me if I take you up on your offer as I would love to try it!
And thanks for working on this!

I think the bundle idea is great - case in point Creative Bundle from Blender Guppy (Ice Tools Pro and Cuber).

Great. I will take a look at them.

Btw I forgot to mention that Modo-Me does not change the pivot point at all (added that to my reply above), it does workarounds as much as possible to avoid that since the pivot/origin should not be changed by the user tools arbitrarily.

Thanks for clarifying. With this, modo-me and blender’s own 3d cursor, I think the functionality surpasses a lot of other programs. You know what I miss from Modo the most? Workplane manipulation! Man, that was so practical and intuitive to use…

Edit: the bundle I was talking about: Creative Bundle by iceking aka Blender Guppy. Also on BA: Creative Bundle Add-on Package

I agree that 3d Cursor is a brilliant concept which many people hate however that is their loss to be honest.

The workplane is on my radar for Modo-Me but to be honest it will take some time until I figure out the right way to implement. I can add a visual thing but the workplane in Modo was a bit more than just showing an existing space alignment, it was also interactive in the 3d view. It is possible, just that I need to sit down and study some more math required for special cases and get in the dirts of the viewport drawing in Blender.

Here is an upcoming feature in Originie. I am hoping to include this in the next release.

Bounding Box highlighting faces, centering pivot to the selected face interactively ( hopefully will make @Metin_Seven happy) (Left click sets the pivot, enter endsthe tool)

Picking edges and vertices is on my todo as well.

I also added the link to the Blender Market Originie page.


Hy kkar, just some hints for your addon:

  • the shortcuts are missing in the addon preferences
  • and some links (to get feedback, etc.)
  • and maybe also a common prefix-name for the addon folder like: object_originie
    Works like a charm! :wink:


the shortcuts are missing in the addon preferences

What kind of shortcuts are you looking for? Do you mean to change the default one? You can just add a shortcut to

identifier: wm.call_menu_pie  
name/value: VIEW3D_MT_PIE_Originie

I added customizing shortcut to my todo

and some links (to get feedback, etc.)

added that too

and maybe also a common prefix-name for the addon folder like: object_originie

Just to be sure, do you mean just as an add-on folder naming pattern?

  1. The hotkeys are missing in the addon description.
    New users who not knowing blenderartist have to look into the script to find it.
    example: Location: View3D > Piemenu [SEMI COLON] and Edit Pivot [INSERT]
    (I use no maya keymap, so i changed it directly in the script…)
  2. …great…
  3. Yes! Look therefore into the internal blender addon folder, C:…\blender-2.81…\2.81\scripts\addons

I took note of those and I will try to improve them. Thanks for reporting them.

Btw there is a default shortcut ; to invoke the pie menu and insert for the edit pivot mode, just to be sure. I included that in the README as well.

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:heart: :+1: :ok_hand: :smiley:

That is my main man.

I think that for the next release I will have face/side picking. I will implement edges/verts and more advanced visual pivot teleporting as I go.

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Some progress with the interactive pivot positioning mode, now with the Bbox corners. Sorry about the mouse pointer, my laptop’s is not recording the pointer somehow.

I will be releasing a version with these new features very soon.


V1.1 is up with an awesome new feature

  • [NEW] Interactive Bounding Box mode (sides / corners)
  • [FIX] Refined the pivot editing experience
  • [FIX] Support links and extra info for the add-on tab


Interactive Bounding Box mode


I am going to start working on couple new features soon for this add-on, among others. One of them is recording pivot history. I think it is a good idea but I would like to hear what the users have to say about keeping the history of pivot movements.

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