Weights to Vertex Colors addon

Nevermind, found it!
Your video runs pretty fast, I had to watch it over and over to find how it works :slight_smile:

So if anyone is having the same trouble as me, just press Space button and search for Weight2VertexCol :slight_smile:

The reason I’m using it is because i needed to convert some Hair Weight paint to Vertex Colors, so I can use it in the Attribute Node, to help control the glossiness of a cartoon Cat :slight_smile:


I am glad it worked out. Using bone weights for rendering purposes was my initial reason to write it.

An important new use - ANT landscapes have some erosions and other tricks that make pretty weights but not vertex paints. This plugin helps 100%.


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I updated the Addon for 2.79 and mostly modified the ease of use (i think so at least):

Addon now lives in the Object Data panel:


Pick Source from vertex Groups, pick destination from Vertex Colors, click run, Done!


WeightToColor.py (4.2 KB)

Note: i’m pretty Python rusty… Might be full of bugs. Didn’t test it for 2.80.

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Thanks that is looking good, I will test it soon.

Trying to use WeightToColor.py in 2.79 and keep getting error message about needing 4 something and only have 3. I’ll try to get a screen shot. Hope you can help, thanks.

ValueError: bpy - Struct: item. attr = val: sequences of dimension 0 should contain 4 items. not 3

What version of Blender do you use?
This is a feature in 2.79 from buildbot. In Vertex Paint mode you search (from Space Bar): “Vertex Color from Weight”.

But if your project is using official Blender release, if you use Blender from buildbot you save your project with a different name, because it can modify your work, for example by adding new Displacement node.

2.79.6 I think it is an official release. I just tried what you said and in Vertex mode from the space bar ended up with an all black object. Is that the intended result? Thanks for your quick response.

Well, we need to see the exact message to determine the issue.

Are you sure about your mesh having Weight Paint data with weights other than 0 somewhere?

I downloaded 2.79b and WeightToColor.py runs but all I get is a black mountain. I am trying to use the weight paint colors and convert them to a vector mask. The mountain is a ANT landscape with erosion.

Success! Thank you for your help, YAFU. Now things are working correctly. I had missed a few steps in setting up the erosion. Still needed 2.79b though.

I’m not sure if it was the 2.79 Blender builds I was using that wouldn’t work or my own ineptness dealing with a new project. The stable version of 2.79b works fine with the new version of WeightToColor.py. Thank you very much!

Hi! I’ve updated the addon for 2.80, I’m not a programmer, just an artist… so errors are expected…

Happy Blending!

WeightToColor28.zip (1.6 KB)


Hey thanks for the update. I hope others enjoy it too.

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Thanks for the update !

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(bump) sorry!

Hey guys! is there any way this can be modified to do the opposite? to get the vertex colors to be transferred to weights? I’m thinking it would be extremely useful for stuff like controlling displacement maps and so on using dirty vertex colors


Thanks for this very useful addon who should be by default in blender in my opinion.
Could you tell me what is the track of the first video please Shazam doesn’t find anything … :roll_eyes: ?
Thank you by advance :wink:

i dont know how to download/install it. is there a release link?