Poly Haven: The Shed. A community project

This challenge has wrapped up and the results of the environment can be seen here: The Shed: Poly Haven Community project

Congratulations to all of the winners and huge thanks to all who took part and to all of the Prize Providers who helped us give back to the winners.


Maybe to improve the success of this endeavor you can accept naked models to be textured by texture artists instead of requiring everyone to be a good generalist at everything.


Great idea, users are more than welcome to work together if they are happy to split prizes.
It’s definitely something to consider for next time.

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Really proud of all the effort everyone has put in so far!

Some WIP’s with many more still busy.


Awesome, the prizes look really cool!

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Some new WIP in here too.
Really impressed with the amazing props that people are creating!

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Updated the header post with the latest WIP from the participants.
Really proud of the amazing props they are creating. Sometimes we sit together and work on things in our discord too. Link to the discord is provided in the contest information incase you just want to join when we do chill.

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Updated the post with the final results from the project.

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