Power Select Blender Addon

Hello friends! Power Select combines Blender’s Box Select and Tweak Selection modes. With one click, and no other hotkeys, you can tweak an object, or box select multiple objects then immediately move your selection with just your mouse. It also has other awesome features like double click an object to toggle edit mode, auto enable cage-edit for modifiers, transparency select, and much more! My hope is that this add-on can help some folks, so it’s priced to move! You can get it here: blendersensei.com/store


Would you consider making some of these additions optional? I really just want the ‘Outside: box select, Inside:Paint Select’ behaviour, not the double-click or having the Alt-key select through…
Another thing I’d like to see as an option in the topbar: having Gizmos and Overlays turned off when rotating/panning the viewport.

But then, I understand you probably made this mostly for yourself, so if you’re not interested that’s okay!
There’s also an addon that adds an alternative to Paint Selection, but which doesn’t have an active tool: Ray Cast Selection
Maybe you could offer that method as an alternative?

Oh boy, a reply!

I must’ve missed this little bit of information 14 minutes and change into the video, thanks for gracefully, if slightly passive-aggresively answering the question!

He asks, before himself listing a very common reason someone might not want it. I asked because I customise some of my hotkeys.

It’s different, hence the question. As the dev loudly proclaims: this isn’t Paint Select!
He might’ve used a swear-word to fully clarify this point too, I don’t remember.
Point being: maybe assume I’m asking for a reason, and not just to make conversation?

He passive-aggresively says in response to someone saying ‘if you’re not interested that’s okay’.

So strange that the one question I had that you couldn’t be condescending about just went unanswered, too.

Guys, how about we keep conversations cordial? There’s no more need of getting extra defensive over suggestions than there is to react to such in an indignant manner. Thanks!

New version 1.3 gets rid of several of the issues listed in this video. You can check out the update logs under the Resources menu at blendersensei.com to read about them (new updated video also on the way). Version 1.3 is now available in the store as well.

Here’s a rundown of the latest version. https://youtu.be/HW1ykgCoHGg

Power Select is now compatible with the default Blender keymap as well as the Industry Compatible Keymap (for alt-navigation users). There’s also several cool new features and general performance improvements in this latest version. Check it out: https://youtu.be/dRbtwUZPiPY