Procedural Cloudscape Generation in Cycles (now Eevee!)

Looks like it’s OSX issue. On windows it works ok.

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The build from 15.03.2019 has fixed this issue. Now it renders fine on OSX too. : )

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Where did you get Perlin Worley node ?

Looks like a user made node group (existing Cycles nodes, maybe some OSL too?).

Lobo is correct, worley looks like this

perlin worley looks like this

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Wow thanks I’ll try to recreate it :smiley:

I’m trying to render out a pass of the cloud landscape reentry into a planet but it doesn’t seem to render.

Blend File

Hope you can help!

This addon looks great!!

How do I install this?

I simply can’t find it on PC when I select install addon on blender.

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hey how do you animate this I tried to add a mapping to wind direction and change mapping it is animated but not like yours

how do you animate it at all


Thanks for sharing, just noticed this…though I am not very active in blender forums since I mainly have been using Lightwave.

I started a thread where I wanted to know about who´s the the cloud creation masters with Blender software.
Thread here…

I haven´t checked this file with EEVEE yet, but I will, for now I am checking the noise procedurals and shading and render speed in cycles, I think Lightwave does this a bit faster though and easier to setup maybe…but foremost it has quite a vast selection of procedural texture types that I sort of miss in blender, wich only has a few.

I will do some tests and perhaps record comparisons between Blender and Lightwave for this technique of using procedurals on density distribution within volumetric materials and items for Lightwave and see what I am most comfortable with and what can yield the nicest looks etc.

How do I install this?

Hey there! Your shader works real nice, I’ll use it on the Resilience Satelle | r.i.c.e project to revamp a cloud surfing scene. Great job! Thank you very much for sharing!

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Hi simon, im loving what you did with the clouds for Eevee. It looks awesome.
Im having troubles with getting a certain look for my clouds, maybe you can help me

Im trying to get something like this


thick in the center, almost cartoony… I have tried multiple settings, but i can’t get close. Maybe its also because i dont understand what the paramaters do… Maybe you can help me out getting close to this look…? Or in any case… can you explain the parameters? Especially the difference between thickness, spread and clumping?

And… can you briefly explain on how to use the drawing technique? How do you setup the image texture on the plane with the solidfier?

thank you in advance!