Projectors - A Blender add-on for simple projector creation and modification



A Blender add-on for simple projector creation and modification.

What this Add-on can do for you

  • Easy creation and modification of physically-based projectors.
  • Real-world projector settings like throw ratio, resolution and lens shift.
  • Project test textures or your own content like images and videos.
  • Preview the projections in Cycles render mode (Eevee will be supported when the needed functionality is implemented).

Projectors Add-on in Action

Throw Ratio

Throw Ratio

Lens Shift

Lens Shift

Image Textures & Resolution

Image Texture & Resolutions

Random Color

Random Color

Missing something?

I’m interested and open to suggestions. Let me know how you use the add-on and how it could improve. Open an issue or message me.

P.S. Germans like to call a projector, a beamer.


Nice one. Thank you.

Do you think it could be evolved further to include ‘Camera Projector’ - projecting what Active Camera ‘sees’? And later on could also become used for things like ‘interior mapping’. :slight_smile:


Thank you!
An “Camera Projector” would be nice. I’m afraid I don’t have the domain knowledge to answer if this would be possible. At the moment it’s basically a light texture with some tooling around it. So if you can do it with Cycles nodes than you should be able to do it with this add-on.

Hello, my%25RWEUQ4UZU5R8%5DF(~T6Z~9G Installed, can’t find this plugin in the plugin

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Sorry, a stupid little mistake from my side. It should be fixed now.
Thank you for letting me know!

It can be installed now.
This plugin is great, thank you for sharing

How does this plugin project video?
Can you give a detailed operation instruction video?Will this plugin continue to update new features in the future?

I’ll work on the documentation. Until then, here a short explanation:
The projector has a spotlight parented as a child onto it. If you change the light material of that spotlight you can choose whatever footage (video, image) you want. But be warned, if you change beamer settings afterward it will break your setup. I’ll change this soon and let you know.

Looking forward to trying this - thanks! Perfect timing for me - I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Only yesterday I got something decent mocked up by using a UV project modifier on a surface and selecting a camera as the projector. I then used a driver to scale the texture by the camera FOV. It works well, but since the light isn’t being ‘projected’ I can’t test shadows and I’m not sure if the image is warping realistically. I can share more later if you’re interested. I’ll test what you’ve made and give you some feedback.

When I read about this add-on my reaction was “Wow, cool! Now we can . . . uh . . . uhm . . . huh. What’s this useful for?” :confounded: Teacher in front of a classroom, of course, but I can’t think of anything else. Looking forward to what you do with this!

@KickAir_8P I made this add-on to simulate projectors. It allows me to quickly check if a real-world projector with given specs fits my needs. I do a lot of projection mapping for work and therefore have to check wired projector setups constantly.
But I agree, the use-case is not immediately clear and should be mentioned somewhere. Maybe “Projectors - A Blender add-on for simple projector simulation”?

Thanks, I’m happy that this could potentially be useful for you! I also played a round with the UV project modifier before but had the same problems or shortcomings you mentioned. Looking forward to your feedback.

Maybe, but I’d say “Projectors” covers it as well as that sentence. Please don’t take my lack of imagination on this as crit of your add-on.

Hi there!!!
thank you very for making this addon. I see the use and potential right away
I just have newbie question
How can I change projection image for a movie or an image that I have already?
thank so much!!

The interesting. Thanks

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@carlosdelarosac sorry for the late reply but I figured, instead of explaining how you can do it, I gave the add-on a needed improvement. I rarely use this feature, therefore, I neglected it a bit :smiley:
I just pushed an update to GitHub which allows you to add a custom texture or movie directly from the UI. You only have to select “Custom Texture” for the “Project” drop-down and add your texture.


Let me know if you have any problems?

man, thank you so much!! really appreciated! :smiley:

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Hi Ocupe!
Thanks for creating this add-on! I’ve been playing around with it and think it’s quite useful. For my purposes it would be even more useful if the projector’s resolution/aspect ratio would automatically adapt to the chosen custom image’s resolution. Also adding a 1:1 preset would help a lot. I hope you can realize this request? Again thanks for creating and sharing your add-on!

@brite This sounds like a good addition. I’ll look into it and let you know.
I’m curios, what are you using the add-on for?

Hi! Thanks for your swift reply and considering my suggestion! I’m looking to use the add-on for projecting images on objects (walls). There are several projects I currently work on that could use this effect. There will be historical images involved. I tried to get the projections manually, but couldn’t get it right. I remember back in the day it was easy with Bryce (light gels?). I’ve been fiddling around with Blender for almost 2 decades now, but there’s always something new to learn, especially these days with 2.80!