Questions about EEVEE Reflection Cubemap Light Probes


Hi everyone, just jumping into 2.8 to see what can be done in EEVEE. Having some nice successes. That said, I do have a coule questions about reflection cubemap light probes.

1. How to get rid of HDRI lighting inside a closed room?

Here’s my setup
This is a basic cube with a blue side and red side and a single point light inside. There is an HDRI environment map lighting the outside, but there are no windows at all inside this cube.
As you can see, there are 2 different light probes, one the Irradiance probe and the other the Reflection cubemap, set to cube with all bounding regions INSIDE as well as all clipping handles INSIDE.

When I move the camera inside and do a cube bake OR NOT, I get this picture:

I have SSR on. Is there anyway to NOT get the outside reflection of the HDRI? I’m sure I’m missing something. Here’s the file in case anyone wants to check it out.

2. What happened to the light probe preview?

As you can see in the render above, the chrome sphere is MINE, but IIRC, there used to be a sphere preview for the reflection probe. What happened to it? Is there a setting I’m missing?

Thanks for any help.

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You have to make both probes bigger so they encompass the whole box. Otherwise the lighting of the outside will bleed inside.

Also you need to adjust the clip distances so that they also renders the walls, otherwise the cubemap will just render the background (just like a regular camera).


The options for displaying those cube previews are now in the “Display” panel of the “Render” tab (near the “Indirect Lighting” panel which is the one with the bake operators).
I don’t know if this will be the definitive location.

But like everything, this can also change until the final release.

Here’s what I have in my Render tab. Changing these does nothing to the preview… What am I missing?

Thanks! That’s what I was missing. For some reason I thought the bounding box needed to be INSIDE not OUTSIDE. Works great now :slight_smile:


You have to click that closed eye icon.

Oh! Thanks :blush:

Hi. Could you share your amanded cube file?

Looking forward to see how you solved the light probe problems.

I am struggling with eeVee for this myself.

@yfile @cekuhnen

File is here:

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Many thanks!

how long does it take to render this scene

I tried it and took like around 5 seconds
is that normal

with the light probe included
does it do all the shadows and glossy reflections around ?

or need another type of light probe ?

happy EEVEE

Render is almost instantly. Baking takes a few seconds.

can you elaborate on this baking ?

if I press F12 to render
you don’t need to bake it !

happy bl

If I press F12 to render, and it’s not baked (as in I press the Free Lighting Cache button), I do not get the proper reflection.

Only after I press the Bake the Cubemap Only button (if I’m only using reflection probe) or Bake Indirect Lighing (if I’m using Irradiance and Cubemap) does the F12 render work correctly.

Takes about 3 seconds to Bake Indirect Lighting or Bake Cubemap on my Win10 Intel 6700 i7 GTX 1080 machine .

Sorry to necro this thread but with latest release candidate this method is not working even if i have followed every single settings in the original scene.

First i thought this could be related to my scene units set to cm so i change it to match the original file and it’s still not working.

The weird thing is that if i load the file upload by Chipp it is working but replicating the whole scene does not work.

This is the new thread i made yesterday about the issue ; Need assistance with Eeevee reflections

I really want to understand why this is not working?

Never mind guy’s i finally was able to make it work and mainly it was due to scene scale units so i had to crank up the handles at insane value until everything reflect on the object.

I will make a video tutorial about it and i will post in the thread i made.