Realistic character in blender Cycles

Hello guys this is shading process of emily project you can find on :
blender 2.8 have amazing shaders to work and amazing ui
amazing community too <3 i just want to show how much power blender have to make realistic skin and show shading power of blender cycles like others did for arnold rendering engine i will share my own models Soon
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rendered in cycle


This is impressive work.
Can you show me the node setup for the skin?


thank u bro <3 u can see that on artstation im new here and i cant post more than 1 image :slight_smile:


You have climbed almost to the top of the ‘uncanny valley’.

Excellent work.


thank u :smiley: <3

Really good man!I liked the lack of simmetry, it made her look even more realistic!And the shading is getting really good!

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TNX for kind word bro

yes, it makes really a lot of fun to test the emily files!
i like your results :+1:
here are more experiments:
(Emily Human Project)

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i saw your work amazing shading good job mate . change ur cornia texture to linear color space and u will get much better result :slight_smile: thanks for your comment <3

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


thanks bro <3

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One of the most impressive aspects of the realness is the non-symmetrical face. No one, not even the most attractive people are perfectly symmetrical.

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Yes Yes <3 :slight_smile:

Gee, @bartv, with all due respect to you and @Mohammad_Fakhri, I guess it doesn’t take much these days to get on Featured Row. I mean, c’mon, it’s the 3D-scanned Emily O’Brien test model. Standing on the shoulders of giants, it doesn’t take too much effort nowadays to learn-by-example and create a realistic skin material. What’s next, Suzanne on Featured Row?

Was @pixelgrip’s Emily test from a year-and-a-half ago on Featured Row?

It’s bad enough all these posts “sculpted/modelled in app X, textured in app Y, rendered in Blender” are making Featured Row one after another. What is this, a general 3D forum?

Again, with all due respect, it’s nice work but hardly anything more than a material test.


Hello My Friend :slight_smile: This Is Shading Process Of Emily Calm Down :smiley: I Think This Work Featured Cuz Rendering And Shading And composition So Be Respecfull And Check Models I Made In My Artstation
Im Not Blender User And I Came To Blender Like a week Ago And I Used Emily Cuz All Of My Models Are Udims I Will Bring My Models And Textures To Blender To Show How Amazing This Software Is . And With all due respect to you :smiley: I said Shading Process In My Description . You Think Creating a Character Is Just Modeling :smiley: But It is Not … There Is Shading and … So If You Want Rly See My Modeling And Texturing Work Pls Checkout My Artstation :

And Thanks For Your Comment :slight_smile:

…my thoughts exactly.

for everyone else, here is where this Model and Texture comes from:

The requested URL /Research/DigitalEmily2/ was not found on this server. Removed?

works perfectly for me… here are some screenshots of the founder’s page:
sc01.tiff (655.9 KB)
sc02.tiff (1.1 MB)



it’s not about your work, Mohammad, i like your Images on artstation!

i think that there are so many good works in the finished projekt categorie where artists made a complete scene from scratch in blender; so a Testfile, where only the material-setup is rebuilded from an old maya-file, is not so great.