Redshift is coming!

:confused: what? How?
Redshift is in Development, but how do we get Renderman and what has USD to do with it?


I don’t see that connection either. USD might be a great format, but what’s the point if you don’t have the nodes and interactivity to incorporate is smoothly into Blender?

All this render engine have USD delegates blugins . That means if you export to USD you can render with any render engine that has a delegate

Yep. We’re working on a Hydra render engine for Blender which will accept any USD Hydra render delegate. Most major renderers have one.

Materials are an issue though. Ideally each renderer would handle MaterialX / OSL materials then we can pass those through hydra.


there is already working cycles hydra delegate working in Houdini made by tangent animation. Not public yet though

I have heard rumours about it. I always thought that having Cycles in Houdini would be great.
I want it. Now.

yep, i want that too. What should i say…erm…

PS: me fawning over more renderers available does not mean I am less interested in Redshift.


My money’s on Octane, Brigade on the way plus a partnership with Adesk to incorporate Arnold Standard Surface, and the fact that Adesk are leading the charge(along with Substance team) on USD/MaterialX…

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That’s where MaterialX comes in.

Guess you want to watch the livestream today!


Many people say that Redshift are most … complete GPU renderer, do not know. Anyway Octane have free tier for Blender. I do not read all posts, are some hope that Redshift do same ) with some limitations, of course ) ?

Many people say that Redshift are most … complete GPU renderer, do not know.

It’s more complete for production. Being biased it has some extra features that makes it more flexible pointcloud stuff for GI saved my ass several times. And also it’s shading (expecially now with OSL), AOVs stuff like that are almost on pair with renrerers like vray, arnold or renderman.

Anyway Octane have free tier for Blender.

That’s cool but I like that with RS you just need one license for all DCC’s (Octane makes you by them separately). No any additional costs.

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Yap I hear this couple times. Dude which try FStorm render and get artwork of month on Evermotion complain how FS miss some features, and will not use it often in professional work? To be honest this is far above my level :no_mouth:

One loicense for all software are nice. From time to time employers Demand some software. In some cases they provide license during work. But I’m not sure that they provide renderer license too. On the other hand, we Starving Artists™ appreciate free Octane tier… and if one day I buy one or two more GPU, my choice will be simple. I will buy loicense for renderer which I know better.

Has anyone played around with the Redshift Demo for Blender? Its in early alpha/beta or whatever but so far I really like it in the tests ive made. it has a lot of bugs as to be expected… but i like the features it has & the look. It’s something about how its built up that feels very robust and well thought compared to say octane which feels a little bit all over the place… btw they don’t really do much work with marketing that its available for blender (doesnt even mention it on the demo page), but its there and available to the public.

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