Rei Ayanami fanart - 1st Blender Project

Hi everyone, here’s my first post and Blender Project from back in November 2020.

A little intro, I used to dabble in Maya years ago, and took a long hiatus from CG due to everything else, ie life.

Picked up Blender 2.8 last year, and honestly, there was a learning curve, but once I accepted that “this isn’t Maya” and stopped expecting that, it got quite comfortable!

Of course, there are still things that I miss from the Maya interface, most notably, MMB snapping, dragging panels to other monitors, etc.

More ranting in the IG version

Apologies if I’ve missed some rules, I’m new here.


I’ve seen this anime from start to end! Great job with Ayanami!
Because all video game jobs absolutely request Maya, I’ve gave it a try once… but my feeling is the opposite from you… I think I could learn it in a few weeks, but all feels a lot slower to do and harder :sweat_smile:

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Similar, I learnt Maya back then because it’s the “industry standard”. The UI is “old school”, (eg, drag the gizmo) so, it’s somewhat intuitive.
I totally agree for modelling, Blender is much faster, it took me less than a week to pick up the sculpting + modelling + retopo workflow. I wouldn’t even imagine attempting it in Maya anymore, although my experience is dated from 7+ years ago.
Blender’s animation workflow would improve greatly if we could have multi windows or detachable tabs.

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…Not sure if this what you’re referring to, but if you hold shift, while separating a viewport, the window will detach :slight_smile:

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Thanks!!! That’s exactly what I needed, I was trying with things like “open new Main Window”, etc.

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Nice to see someone else making Rei! I did a couple Rei projects too, and made some tutorials about the rendering if you want to check it out:

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