Resident Evil: Covenant (version 2 released 10/6/22)

Somehow, I managed to churn this out in exactly 2 weeks. At most I spent 4 hours a day on this.

While this is kinda-sorta related to the Illuminating the Alien project, the idea for Resident Evil: Covenant came about when I randomly looked up the Alien: Covenant OST on YouTube. I remember the music being one of the most disturbing and defining things about the movie, and I wanted to try and replicate the initial feeling I had when I warched Covenant for the first time on DVD.

Edit: I’m now considering making a Cycles version of the whole animation. So, as usual, please leave comments/suggestions on how this could’ve been improved so I can incorporate them later. :slightly_smiling_face:

UPDATE: Resident Evil: Covenant (version 2) is done! It has been almost completely re-rendered, taking into account suggestions by @NodeX. They made a world of difference! Thanks man! :smiley:


Good job on the animated expressions.

  • more natural pose of her while she sits (view from the back)
  • more inertia to her body while she turns
  • better lighting for her face (non flat, more dramatic)
  • more SSS and definitely reflections from the environment on face, eyes, etc
    Most of this can be achieved (faked) in eevee.
    Good luck!
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Really nice Ulan!! It flows nicely, smooth movements. :+1:

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Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. :blush: