Roman and Medieval European Architecture

honestly i prefer WITH textures :smiley:

and what about a lil well ? :wink:

would avoid people dying of thirst

Hehehe yeah, unless they don’t want to drink directly from the moat haha!

here’s a market house


little update. Market house done. The furniture is just sketched.


Just amazing, as always. The roof of the market hall is tiled isn’t it? It looks a bit like corrugated plates in a brownish color.

tiles should be modeled in a mesh, and rendered to a bump so that they look correct

Here are the latest creations. The textures are not HQ, these are the low quality textures I use for mapping… Alpha maps not applied yet.

  1. row of townhouses
  2. butcheries
  3. tanneries
  4. blacksmith




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Nice, as always. If I was not yet done with my modeling for the next release, these models would surely be inspirational.

Thanks! Here’s a very little preview of the real-time player. Just about to enter the gates of the past and bring history back to life :wink: The player will be released on Michaelmas (29 September) 2013. A presentation video will soon follow, however, we will create a post for the project alone


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WIP of the wooden bridge which crosses the river. The drawbridge will rest on it. Reference image: movie set of ‘World Without End’.


Inspirational thread. Great work.

Gonna follow your progress.

OMG it’s been such a long time x))

what’s up now for you Manorial ? :slight_smile:

Finally, somebody is making historical architecture!
Great work!

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Indeed :)) hope you liked it and mebe you’ll like the Carcassonne topic :wink:

Happy blending !