Scarlet Squirrel Girl +Cell Shade Filter

(fluidmotion) #41

your squirrels are giving me a boner. Would have never guessed it’s 3d. Excellent work. I like the work on the shades

(Writer's Block) #42

Great model.

Ears are a little large and slightly to pointy.

(Parrish416) #43’ve been working on this for a while, but wanted to get it finnished ASAP.

(MeticulousMitch) #44

Suuuurree you have… someone ban this bot.

(BenDansie) #45

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(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #46

fine work… sexy! :smiley:

(Saundra258) #47 been working on this for a while, but wanted to get it finnished ASAP.

(pirohmaniac) #48

And yet Minnie Mouse can run around giving a constant panty-shot but nobody says a word…:ba:

(contagano) #49

I had to double take to even be sure it was a 3D model and not hand drawn. Very well done indeed!

(xSlacker) #50

That’s so cute. :3

(W3Geek) #51

@MCHammond How did you make this shader?.. With python or mix shaders? I’m trying to download it but it says “the file you are trying to access is not longer available”. Can you please reupload it so I can study it? I would love to learn how to make shaders.

(Bollebib) #52

not a fan of the claylike hair,but I like the rest a lot
I wonder how it would look with a slighlty less rigid hair style (more textured,less modeled)

(GR3Y_FOX) #53

One of the best cel shaded renders I’ve seen!

(MirceaKitsune) #54

Still waiting for Freestyle to be included in official Blender. Also still wondering if this model is free to use, and has a specific license.

(Felipe Hoenen) #55

Congrats!! Really really looks like a drawing

(Naqel) #56

That’s impressive. Wonder how would it look when animated.

(Mr P-nut) #57

Clicked into the link by curiosity and got hooked to Sequencial Art. And that’s some awesome cell shading used in that model. Real good work!

(traumwelt75) #58

wow ! she’s amazing.

(Leanardoe) #59

…when furries use blender…

(smith.davidj) #60

Thank you friends… you are crazy… It is really interesting…