Screenshot Extra Extra!!!

(dirty-stick) #2181

2D pinball collisions.

(Cako_SK) #2182

New project :slight_smile:
All texture and model are mine

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2183

Cako_SK nice screenshot, shaping up to be a shooter of some kind.

(Cako_SK) #2184

New :slight_smile:
© all the used textures and models are mine

(system) #2185

Some early concept art and graphics of my: Making my first playable game in BGE :slight_smile:


(PlanetKiller) #2186

Thread is not moving, Daaa! Since it is slow, here is a screen. I went to Unity, but I’m still modeling in blender. Everything except the terrain and water is made in blender. I decided to use hexagons for clouds and trees because the style looks good and reduces the need for transparency. Unity is easy and fun, but character movement is easier to do in blender (but swapping textures is easier to do in unity). Hope my screens are acceptable since most of the assets will be done in blender. Also, I’m exporting as fbx within blender to avoid the blender import bug. Exporting to the obj format sucks (the obj format itself, not the exporter).

The projects here look much better than the ones from 100 pages ago. sbkodama, looks like a pikmin level; Cako_SK, nice shadows; laifa, the dono looks great, nice screen effects; but what is T.R.A.T.? I mainly come here for the inspiring images and to see what fenice is doing, I like anthro characters.

Dhaher turned Mario into a Dhahermond (diamond).
Like the room BRS, very spartan and military, and I like the use of hexxes.
Dirty-stick, nice collisions, can we see a solid view? Hanzo, nice racer, but the houses look like copypasta, maybe add a noise texture that relies on world co-ords, or slightly alter obj color to make some slightly darker (you can use a script to randomize color on a per-object basis).

I’d like to see more screens. I like to download them and look at them when I’m working on my own stuff.

(sdfgeoff) #2187

The diference between now and 100 pages ago: GLSL and the ability to bake lighting. Unfortuntely I haven’t touched blender for over a month, due to external commitments. Hopefully I’ll get back into it in a few weeks.

(SolarLune) #2188

^ Is something supposed to be there? A screenshot, maybe?

EDIT: Ah, you were talking about what Planet was talking about. My mistake.

(AniCator) #2189

I’d love to post more Blender Game Engine screenshots but sadly I haven’t been working with it for over four months. And the engine itself hasn’t been moving a whole ton ever since. :frowning: Been busy with other game projects which are both commercial ones (UE4 and Source Engine)

(socker) #2190

Well since this thread is starting to get a little deserted, i’ll upload what i’ve been up to lately.
There was this game i was doing in the BGE a while ago, but since the engine is pretty weak on the performance side i decided to switch to Unity.
So i decided to recreate the game in Unity, and here’s how it ended up :slight_smile:
(Top = BGE, Bottom = Unity)

And in Unity:

(cam.dudes) #2191

Looks good. Do you have pro?
#Unity4life #thisistheonlytimeIwilldohashtags

(socker) #2192

Not exactly. Im using a cracked version just for the fun of it. Still thinking about buying it once i get enough money haha.

(SolarLune) #2193

Very nice screens, socker, although I don’t agree with using cracked versions of software when you can avoid it, of course. In the meantime, maybe you should look into Godot or JME3.

Yes / No choice systemmmm~

(BluePrintRandom) #2194

what moves the particles?

you could spawn particles that use logic, it is much faster…

(socker) #2195

Nice screenie too!
Well right now im only using the cracked version just for the fun of it. My main projects are all in the free version. I still feel kinda bad for using the cracked one, tho. That’s why im hoping to buy the Pro version once i get the money for it :).

(BluePrintRandom) #2196

you should be allowed to develop on pro, and play your game within unity, but have export locked,

effectively allowing you develop, then a “producer” can pay your cost for the program, and you can release

(including indiegogo go fund me etc) they should even set up a screenshot system to make youtube etc to “market”.

the more people who are buying the program and making successful software…

(BluePrintRandom) #2197

Great character…

I have been thinking a click and move assembly /destruction game would be fun in isometric, but I wish bge ported to android(it will soon with openES?)

(PlanetKiller) #2198

No, I have free. I used an alpha diffuse shader with a small script. There are plenty of objects from my previous blender projects that didn’t make it, so I’ve been importing those objects. The map has gone over some minor mods, and there are some walls to keep the player from getting outside of the game. I switched to unity because I needed multiple copies of a character to each look different by swapping textures, unity was able to do it. I still miss the BGE, but it lacks a few minor features, otherwise it is pretty good.

Socker, are you using OnGUI(), or camera effects to get that wild looking thing on the bottom right? OnGUI() is quite easy if you divide the screen height and width by a number, then you can use math to place things perfectly without worrying about differing screen resolutions.

My eyeballs are licking their way to the center of socker’s visual candy. (that sounded more bizarre than usual)

(esoneson) #2199

Almost every image on this thread are just fantastic, there are so many talented artists out there that I almost feel ashame of the look of my own works…

Anyway here are some pictures of an AI test for one of my projects…

What do you guys think about the look of the soldiers? and the GUI?
(eg, the health/mana/stamina bar in the right corner and the experience bar at the bottom(missing in the bottom image))

here is an video showing some content of this project.
unfortunately youtube fucked up my resolution a bit, but hopefully it is still watchable.

(superflip) #2200

What do you guys think about the look of the soldiers? and the GUI?

What I like is how you have 30 monsters (looked rigged) on screen and all your profiler stuff is low. Looks like its running well with alot of rigged/animated enemies. Thats always a good thing. The HUD is very simple so i can really say anything about that. Besides you can always get your gameplay like you want and come back and polish up the graphics later.