Screenshot Extra Extra!!!

(TwisterGE) #2301

Using pygame’s midi module, I made this

(adriansnetlis) #2302

Nice, nice, nice!:slight_smile:

(MarvinCJames) #2303

I love blue :smiley:

(MarvinCJames) #2304

********* Custom Motorcycle **********


(Masterblop) #2305

I’m making these assets to make them public for games. Suggestions?

In game:


(adrian120396) #2306

New T-rex World Screenshots!!! (THANKS THATIMST3R FOR THE ADDON!)


(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2307

Nice work…

(Leamon) #2308

Hello everybody!

There’s so long time I haven’t posted anything on the forum.

So I present to you today a compilation of some of my work done on Blender over the last 2 years.

I hope you will enjoy!

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(adriansnetlis) #2309

I’ve got a question - how can your computer handle such a high-resolution variance shadows? Mine would be already blown up:D

(Leamon) #2310

:smiley: Maybe because I have heavy configuration :stuck_out_tongue: intel i7 3770K + GTX 980 and 16GO ram :wink:

(adriansnetlis) #2311

I’d like to find out your adress, door key configuration and the time at which you’re out of home… :smiley:

(Leamon) #2312

Wrong idea, two voracious cats guard the door! :evilgrin:

(adriansnetlis) #2313

I’ll take my lunch, 2 dogs(one of them around 1.2 m tall at withers) and 3 cats with me to make them a company;)

(MarvinCJames) #2314

Just Sharing screenshots I took


(adriansnetlis) #2315

Seems that you’ve improved textures. Nice:)

(MarvinCJames) #2316

The textures are the same, it’s just that these shots were taken at a higher resolution :slight_smile:

(3dmedieval) #2317

Working on my Castle Builder 3d Set. Animated torch flames with Martinsh fire + smoke, sparks and animated lamp. Animated cloud setup, again, Martinsh. Castle gatehouse has fully fleshed out interior, doors will open etc. Very immersive. I made rain too, but it kills my frame rate…Depth of field from Mike pan’s Easy Game (Martinsh script I believe), same goes for vignetting etc. I made it a night world, but it’d simple to turn it into a day world. Etc. I just like the drama of night / castle etc. A work in progress…adding lights to the interior etc. Need to add spot shadows to the lamp setup, but I’m concerned about the frame rate. I suppose they could be turned off for slower computers.


(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2318

OO. Awesome dude

(Mumrik) #2319

Wow that’s a very cool castle, if only it had a pair of knights guarding the gate.

(3dmedieval) #2320

Thanks all. I’d love some animated people with simple animations…walking around, pacing on the walls etc…