Sculpting with UVs and displacements.

THAT is amazing!
Im looking at your stuff on ZBC as well and Im stunned…
Your cartoon shader stuff is awesome, I can do that in ZBrush but haven’t even bothered trying in Blender yet, too many other things to learn. Actually I like the objects better than the shading but thats just me I suppose.

I just got back to land and discovered that Zbrush had another upgrade, I haven’t got any results yet but I am amazed at the new remeshing stuff too…
I do have some blender stuff though from while I was out:

I did those for you and then left on an insane trip into the world of HORRIBLE WEATHER. It was horrible and fun.
These two pictures enraged Blender and crashed it at some point, I forget what I did it was awhile ago.

I still haven’t figured out the UV stuff, Blender doesn’t like what I do to it it seems.

Welcome back mealea.
With wonderful stuff as always.
Really glad to hear from you. I missed you. really.
Just reminding you, we have a new topic here. Sketchbooks.
BTW, zbrush got an amazing upgrade. The new z remesh, in your hands, I wonder. I expect some great stuff from you. Lot of wonderful loops etc.

Another one.

Wow! Awesome work. You’ve out-Gigered Giger.

Steve S

Loving your work!.. these just keep getting interesting, it never gets old… I love how you’ve refined and continue to explore possibilities on this. You’re a true artist sir!

Of course, to be truly gigeresque it needs to be more penis, labia and ass! but I guess you’re more into your thing!

Not exactly: it needs a meaning, I’d say. :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks
It only demonstrates the new panel maps.
Giger’s work has a meaning, not much to do with me.
It’s this modern version, expressionistic art nouveau style I like in Gs work.
I thought it could be more “friendly” to zb forum users.
Though this technique, this idea, started on zb forum, this method is more suitable to importing exporting workflows.
These last two renders are BPR (ZB render engine). Still, what you see is only bumps and AO cycles maps (targeting a blender modeled panel). On a ~50k base. (subdivided for rendering needs)
Zbrush has an equivalent to “followActiveQuads” UV method, the GroupsUVs. Still, a UV editor is needed to control a few areas.
Waiting for my new wacom (intuos 5 large), so, mouse only works. lol

appeared duplicate. sry

@michalis Thank you very much for this technique! You’re the man!

I was trying to apply this technique on a text logo. It’s quite ok. Im not too much convinced wit the edges of letters :slight_smile: see yourself…

Same panel, different topology. Blender only, this time.

@ michalis
your really hitting home runs with this stuff…:smiley:

Thanks norvman. Try the new uploaded maps. You have to convert them to something like 16 bit tif. It’s in psd format now, sorry.
@pavel, nice, but this method doesn’t work this way. It’s not just displacements, it’s about follow active quads, follow topology. So, in the end, it’s about topology.

Unfolding a sphere.

This last one is like…
The icing on the cake…
Perfection at it’s finest my friend :slight_smile:


How on earth did you do that last one, michalis?

Hey thank you, glad you like it, tung, danillus.
I already posted the baked panels.
Here’s how.

Ahhh, you had me worried for a while. I thought it was just a plain sphere and you had figured out some black magic.

I asked this about your image in another thread – Can you tell me what you node setup is for this new toon shader?

Why don’t you try Juan’s excellent tutorial?

Yeah, I had some success. But, I had a very hard time setting up the scene. The lighting setup. It is the termination issue of cycles.
If you’re not aware of it, Juan explains it better. This issue is not visible under smooth lighting. But, we don’t want smooth lighting in a toon shader. Do we?
The two toon shaders (diffuse and glossy) aren’t much different than the standard ones are. There are a few parameters, play with them and you’ll perfectly understand. The lighting is the important part.
Under cycles render parameters, choose 0 bounces. This converts cycles to something similar to BI, this is what you want for toon shading. A little point light very close to camera (make it parent) will be your fill light, avoiding dark shadows. (you better make it not casting glossy)
I also use one of my AO maps, but I tweaked it in Ps. Made it look as a black white ink. The whole method can be found on this UVs and displ thread.

IMO, cycles is still a baby. It grows up fast but its feet are still very weak. They should find a solution on the termination issue before going for toon shading etc etc.