Seemlessly activate window with multiple monitors

Hello, I have a second monitor from a bit and when I move the mouse from a screen to another I need to click in to activate it.
Is there a special feature or addon or software to do this task automatically ?

In fact I just created a simple tool to do that very seemlessly and am testing it but if there’s an integrated parameter to do it, it will be simplier.


UPDATE: little tool to do the job attached : (37.5 KB)
virustotal scan result

UPDATE 03/07: New version of the tool with helper for multiple instance : (40 KB)
virustotal scan result


Would you mind sharing your tool? That really is something that annoys me.


Sure, it is very simple and very light…

Attachments (35.6 KB)

Please tell me if does not work properly, I haven’t tested it too much yet.

I forgot to say there’s not interface, so don’t run it twice if you see nothing, use CTRL+Alt+Supp to kill it… I can create a small interface if someone need it.

Thanks! Dont have access to my Windows machine right now but will try it this evenig and tell you how it went out.

For those who are interested I updated my tool to be nicer to use.

Attachments (37.5 KB)

Finally got to testing it. Works like a charm. Thank you!

I’m getting a malware/virus warning on the zip file download on both my PCs: Win7 & Win10.

This is MUST have for multiple screen blender users. I highly recommend that blender foundation will add this to the blender trunk

Is newest file infected it gives virus warning with every computer?

Hello, I did’nt see someone said my program was detected as a virus and I’m very surprised as it is a very simple program, it doesn’t connect to internet, doesn’t write to any file not even read any.
This is perfect for me, the only bug I found is if the windows explorer crash then the program won’t appear anymore even if it’s still running. I can correct this it more people use my program.

The only thing that can seems strange to an antivirus is that it is a EXE file inside a zip…
YukonCornelius, have you finaly tried the program ? If anybody had a warning with its antivirus please tell me, If there’s people that have tested it without any problem please tell too !

I want this to be developed. Its a life saver for me as well and does exactly what blender should do by original behaviour but currently does not. I’m using the first posted version since somereason I get virus warning with updated one, even if its “false positive” I cant risk my employer computer unfortunately.

if you could add that small interface and make it start with windows it would be perfect :slight_smile:

With the second version, there’s a small taskbar icon that you can click to enable or disable. Is a more complete interface needed ?
For the “startup with windows” I personnaly just put it in the startup folder… But I could add this feature if there’s some more user interested.

That taskbar icon is enough and if it launches with start folder way then it has all I need :slight_smile: Ty for making this.

I scanned your file with and it is safe but for some freaking reason windows defender removes it all the time. This happens only with the updated version of your app…is there anything to do to stop this happening?

when i extract your zip file there is an .exe file inside. I dont understand why you need this. I usually extend blenders interface by tragging the whole interface to my two monitors. And I dont need to click to activate the second monitor. It works like it should on two monitors.

It’s because we have 2 monitors with different sizes, thus we can’t extend the window to all the space without loosing space. And as there’s two separate windows blender won’t be activated when moving the cursor from one to another…

Have fun dragging that window to second screen every single time you restart blender since it wont remember the size you gave to it. My nerves didnt take that shit I’m super glad what greg2fs has done with this app.

o.k… i didnt get the greg2fs soluttion working. But at the moment it takes me half a second to drag the window across. With a good setup of the screens and saved as startup file it works quite well. Ill try it later again. Sounds like it is an good alternative and working better. :slight_smile: thanks for doing this greg2fs!

greg2fs: Sorry, haven’t tried it. I have a policy of strictly obeying virus warnings, even when I’m relatively sure it’s a false positive. I’ve been bitten too many times to take that chance.

EXE files by themselves don’t trigger virus warnings, by the way. I don’t know how the tool operates, but if it modifies the registry, for example, that would definitely send up a red flag. Microsoft is very picky about how programs/tools, etc are installed.

However, my “gun-shy” attitude doesn’t mean I’m not enthusiastic about your add-on! I also find having to click on the windows to activate them a real pain in the arse, especially when switching from 3D View edit mode to the UV editor. Keystroke S, drag mouse to size – #@!$%#!! :slight_smile:

PS: I read somewhere that activating SLI on Nvidia cards allows you to stretch the desktop across both windows. But I also read that SLI causes Blender problems with rendering, too much processing overhead or something.

Can I now what is your antivirus ?I have zonealarm and it is not detected at all. It does not modify registry maybe it’s because it tracks mouse movement which can be see as keylogger, but you can easily see it doesn’t use internet. Is it detected as adware, spyware, Trojan… ?