Serious Iris Stress Test /// Colorful Nodenoodeling Animation coming out of Nodevember

this was originally made for the prompt “white” and at first it was with white and light grey lines, but I figured white and black lines give a better contrast. And then I saw how cool it looks with even more colors and just went with the flow and got a bit sidetracked from the original nodevember promt but like the result even more so that would not have happened without nodevember.
There are lots of compositing nodes involved and I learned quite a lot about procedural texturing.

It is just a rotating plane with this material. And a helpful tip: dragging the value node to this size makes it easier to read the driver, while working on the expression in it. This one is driven by the sinus value of the current frame and some more math while the values in the multiplication after it are pi and pi/4 to translate the motion back to a usable framerange and make it loop.

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