Skuax HideOut (downloads included)

I’ll try one day, perhaps. But it’s quite a job to wright or video edit tutorials. I’m so buisy with all the Jobs i’m doing . Including teaching blender. And a family etc…etc… sometime I dream about the free time I had when I was twenty…
I can not promise, but I’ll try.

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You ll find a lot exploring thoses files I hope.

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Procedural Old SciFi animated Light Pannel

Discovered while playing with node, this animated square effect can be used for star ship or all sort of old school cockpits.


old_scifi_led_pannel.blend (1.2 MB)

Also included a screw shader to avoid large amout of polys in such a little switch.

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Can’t wait to see the other things you got in stock !

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Don’t hesitate to pass it to the students ju!

Procedural Eye-Ball Shader Based On UV


As i promised to myself and some people. Here is my not so simple EyeBall Shader for Eevee (didn’t try for Cycle). This time, i’ve also included Text info and CC0 licence text inside the Blend file.

The Gif File is for advertising purpose only. (as i was making it, someone publish a soupe with eyes here… funny isn’t it)
The Blend contain Only One Eyes mesh composed of two materials and a plane to preview the texture.
Feel free to play around and get it better if you want (please notify me if you find a better optimisation or super cool stuffs to add on this shader).
Dont forget to come back sometime to find more stuffs on skuax hideout.


now available on Gumroad



A brand new UV curve based procedural welding shader.
few polys for a good result… Keep connected

and also, if you have noticed a silicon joint shader on uv curves


This is REALLY cool skuax! I also work with SolidWorks doing mechanical design, and being able to bring in a file from SolidWorks and add real weld lines would be insanely awesome! This looks SO GOOD, you have done an excellent job! In the past, with lesser 3D apps, I used metaballs (hand placed) to achieve this look! Here is an image from 2003 where I really could have used this bead weld you achieved! GREAT work you have done!


The “How To” video intro is done!

Edit: the file is online… Welding Curve


Damn! That’s a very cool intro animation! I dig the glowing red that lasts just for a second, nice detail skuax!

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That is so nifty !! :heart_eyes:

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Thanks @Punker3D. I had also the project to remove the welding crust by particle system first, but 4 hours of work is enough for a so little ant.
Thanks @nonamejuju (see you soon)

Roll Tutorial?

Before spending time capturing Screen videos and typing stuffs… Would you like to have a Video tutorial on this kind of animation? Including anim/shading/little bit of driver?
Please, vote if you are interested or not.


Perhaps I ll make a tutorial for one person? Or share my display with him?

Good work… :grinning:

I would like a tutorial of that GIF as well. “Unrolling Duct Tape”
I like to gain more knowledge

let me know when you’ve finished the video, so i can watch and learn! ^ _ ^

thanks for your interest in this @user5555155 @Xelbayria .
I hope i ll finish this soon

@BenW @Xelbayria @user5555155

First part is online.


@user5555155 @Xelbayria @BenW

Second part is online…


That video is very educating and simple. It’s very clever of you to use the beizer curve to make the inner roller/duct. :thinking:

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