Solution for loading PBR textures at once (beside Node Wrangler)

Node wrangler addon would be the most convenient way to load and connect pbr sets in one go through “AddPrincipledSetup” command but unfortunately it’s limited to only a subset of the pbr maps, missing AO, Opacity, Emission, Transmision etc. Mostly I need to be able to load all the maps compatible with glTF exporter described in Blender’s documentation:
An improvement suggestion was made on RCS page but no response yet.

Do you know a similar solution that also accepts various naming formats like node wrangler?


You can use VSHADE, but not-free.

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Ive been building an addon recently, and one of its main features is batch importing materials. It does support alpha/opacity and emission maps, i dont know if its exactly what you need but it might be helpful.

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Thanks, I tryed this kind of approach (another addon) for loading pbr but I find it not so practical when you have a bulk texture folder or different versions of the maps that you want to pick by hand. In this respect NW gives more control even if I still need to load one or two maps by hand.

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Thanks, great addon and library!
The price is not an issue but as I see here the pbr loader has the same problem as the others, adding some but missing other pbr maps(emissive, translucency, opacity).
In addition, you cannot define multiple naming masks (like _N, normal, Normals) for map sets with mixed naming conventions and you cannot pick a specific version of one map like _normal_v05.


Translucency = SSS
Opacity = Mask

Emmisive is exactly not part of the PBR.

Right I corrected now, it was Transmission instead of Translucence map. I need to import core pbr + some extra maps accepted by the glTF 2.0( With the exception of AO, nothing more than what already is exposed into the Principled shader.

I think you mean “Alpha” and not “Translucency”? Blender’s glTF exporter supports Alpha and Transmission. Translucency means something different (at least in glTF) and is related to SSS — that part of the glTF file format is not finished yet, and not supported in Blender.

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Right, and I corrected. But it does not matter. We still need a solution to load any combination of maps in the pricipled shader at once. With many objects and variations to test this becomes quickly an unnecessary nuisance. Ideally would be to extend the NW addon list.