VSHADE - Professional Shader System for Blender Cycles & Eevee 1.5.3

Do you think Blender’s shader system is too complicated? Do you think when I want create realistic materials, it is too hard in Blender and this takes me a lot of time? Do you think when I create complicate material, node setup looks like spider web and confusing? Do you think why Blender has not easy setup interface like other render engines, example Vray, Arnold, Corona etc? If you think like these, then Vshade is exactly what you are looking for.

Vshade is a node group collection developed for Blender. The most important feature of this collection is that it is, an easy to setup, all-in-one a material system, that is not in the Blender. In the same time, it can do this as high quality as possible and physically corrected, and also compatible for PBR material setup (it supports Metalness and Specular workflows). It has a lot of material nodes for this. With this node groups can be setup a material of desired level. If you want you can use “Uber” node system that all-in-one, or other node groups for specific needs (solid, refraction, glass, glossy, SSS etc.) and you can create desired materials easily and realistic.

Vshade is especially developed by reference to V-Ray system. As you can easily see, many of the Vshade’s settings are very similar to the V-Ray settings. That’s why the V-Ray users can easily adapt to the Vshade system.



VMATS (Vshade Material Library for Blender Cycles & Eevee):



Vshade works only with Blender 2.82 and higher!




  • Easy to use
  • All in one
  • Clear interface
  • Well documented
  • Example scenes
  • PBR Ready (supports Metalness and Specular workflows)
  • PBR Material Generator (easy PBR material setup wizard)
  • Integrated directly in Blender
  • Totally Linear Workflow
  • Realistic and Physically Correct ABSORPTION
  • Realistic and Continious DISPERSION
  • Realistic Refraction
  • Roughness based Physically Correct Fresnel
  • Conductive Fresnel (for metals)
  • Separated Refraction and Reflection
  • Metalness and Edge Tint support
  • Limitable Per Material Bounce (Max Depth) and Exit Color
  • Realistic CAR PAINT node
  • Realistic SKIN node
  • Realistic HAIR node
  • Realistic VOLUMETRIC node
  • Realistic FLAME node
  • Custom Transparent
  • Custom Shadow and Affect Shadow
  • TWO SIDED nodes
  • Seamless Texture Animation
  • Edge Detection nodes
  • Dirt, Grunge and Scratch nodes
  • Special Procedural Texture nodes (“Concrete”, “Granite”, “Marble”, “Rust”, “Wood” and much more…)
  • Effect nodes (“Blur”, “Distortion”, “Ripple”, “Wave”)
  • Multiple Blend nodes
  • Custom Gradient nodes
  • Falloff nodes
  • Color nodes
  • Color Levels nodes
  • Math nodes
  • Vector Math nodes
  • Vector Transform nodes
  • Logic Nodes (IF)
  • Special nodes



  • IOR List Table
  • Reflection Roughness Table
  • Refraction Roughness Table
  • Diffuse Roughness (Sigma) Table
  • Reflection Ratios Table
  • Subsurface Scattering Values Table
  • Abbe Values (for Dispersion) Table
  • Color Temperature Table for Light Sources
  • Light Lumen Values Table






What artists say about VSHADE:




Vshade Demonstration

PBR Material Creator

Parallax Occlusion Mapping

Eevee Car Paint Shader

Rainbow Glass with Real Absorption

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Yes, I want too. But they are only work with PayPal and PayPal does not work on my country.

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With Height Map (1.5 million faces)

With Height Map + Parallax Occlusion Map (25.000 faces)

Scene by “Juri Unt” (Re-shaded with Vshade for Cycles)

Scene by “Leroy Xie” (Re-shaded with Vshade and Vmats for Eevee)

VSHADE 1.1 released. This version fix some Anisotropic Shader for Eevee problems.

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Model by SMK – National Gallery of Denmark

Model by Artec 3D

Doesn’t work with ecycles, huh?

I don’t know. I didn’t use E-Cycles.

I figured it out. It does. Is it hardcoded to look in c:\ for vshade info? Or can I change that somewhere?

Yes, for use with integrated menu, it must located to “C:\Vshade”. Because, when you open your scene, Blender if not find linked nodes, it does not open warning window and on this situation, if you save your file, your material node setup corrupt. And we do not want like this bad thing. This is a Blender’s bad behaviour.

But, if you want, you can link manually (File > Link). By this means, node will link “relative”, not “absolute”. Or you can append manually (File > Append).

Example, you can copy 4 main files to in your scene directory and you can “link” from there. Or you can “append” nodes and you can embed in your file.

Model by Mikel007

Vshade 1.2 released…

Vshade for Cycles & Eevee - Changelogs

Vshade 1.1

  • Roughness” parameter of the all “Anisotropic Shader” nodes in the Vshade
    for Eevee was limited to “0.5” in the node setup, because when increases
    this value could occurs some artifacts.

    In the Vshade 1.1 this limit has been removed and fix artifacts.

Vshade 1.2

  • Added “Make Local All Used Vshade Nodes” function.

  • Added “Set Fake User for All Vshade Nodes” function.

  • Added “Unset Fake User for All Vshade Nodes” function.

  • Added “VSHADE PANEL” on the “Scene Properties” tab.

    You can change Vshade library file path for only opened file.

  • Fixed some small bugs.

  • Documentations updated.

Vshade 1.3 released…

Vshade for Cycles & Eevee - Changelogs

Vshade 1.3

  • Added “No Caustics” node.

  • Fix “No Caustics” behavior of the some nodes.

  • Added “Make Paths Absolute” button on the VSHADE PANEL.

  • Added “Make Paths Relative” button on the VSHADE PANEL.

  • Fixed path problems for OS other than Windows (for Vshade and Vmats).

  • You can change “Vshade” directory path anymore.