Splash Screen - .blend File?

The .blend file of a Blender release’s splash screen is usually put up at the site’s Demo page – there’s even a nice (if spoilery) exploration up on YouTube about 2.83’s splash screen file.. So the blend file should be available, right? But I can’t find a link. Help?

It was removed because the scene had some textures that were not supposed to be redistributed, I guess – Ian Hubert personally replied on his instagram post to somebody’s comment.

Thx! Appreciate the heads-up. :+1:

Do you know if there are any plans to re-upload with the problematic textures / assets either replaced or removed? That scene looks to have a bunch of really good assets.

I am afraid I have no idea about that.

Whoever’s running the Blender Community YouTube said yesterday in the Exploring the New Blender Splash Screen!! comments “Ian Hubert just put out on his patreon that hes going to finish tweaking the file and upload it to the blender server so it should be up soon”.

This blend file is nowhere to be seen. It’s so cool, I really wanted to take a peek at it. Can someone kindly share it?

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Any way we can find out which textures? It’s been a week but it’s not back up yet – if we knew which textures, one of the people who has the blend file could strip them out and put it up for download.

It was mentioned in today’s meeting:

Splashscreen file missing (Ian Hubert is still removing non-cc textures).

Just be patient, you’ll get it soon enough :wink:

It’s another week later and the June 22nd meeting notes are up. There’s no mention of the splash screen, and it’s still not up on the Demo Page. How patient are we supposed to be?

I realize this isn’t high on anybody’s priority list, but how long does it take to strip out and replace a few textures? Or even just strip out the proprietary textures without replacing them and put that blend file up as a preliminary version? Wouldn’t take much, would it?

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You’re wasting your time. Only Ian himself will share it, but that can take a week or a year, who knows. I think you’d get more help/replies if you asked for free btc in some bitcoin forum than from communities like this.

I’ve found the instagram post, good news from Ian’s comment! The textures in question can be distributed in non-commercial blend files! For the Blender Foundation’s purposes what they put up on their Demo page has to be 100% CC0, but anyone who got the file earlier could post it here or elsewhere with a non-commercial warning, no problem.

I was able to download it before it was removed, but if there are paid textures in there, I don’t think it would be right for me to share all of the work put into making it without permission…

Here is Ian’s quote in the above mentioned post:

That was my bad. Apparently anything hosted on the blender server has to be completely CC0, meaning you can take any part of it and sell it. And I had a few textures that are fine to use in renders and pass around in project files, but not just straight-up resell, so until I can redo the scene with completely CC0 textures, it’s gotta stay down. I didn’t realize the restrictions were so stringent :confused:

That means it’s free for personal study and use, the objective of this thread. If you can share it here me and many others would appreciate, if not np.

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Yep, there have to be more downloads of it out there – it’s fine to post non-commercially, hopefully somebody who has it will be willing.

I’ve mentioned it in that YouTube vid’s comments, but somebody’s been guilt-tripping and harassing the admin about it, s/he might be feeling raw.

There aren’t any downloads. That’s weird, I’ve seen some folks claiming they downloaded it and I’ve asked a couple of them myself and they both said they won’t share due to supposed copyright violations. I don’t know why those folks aren’t sharing it since it’s so trivial, but it has nothing to do with copyright.

I want it because I think I can learn something for the project I’m working on. And like I said, I don’t know what is going on but it’s a waste of time. If whoever has it wanted to share, he’d have done it by now. Better off wait Ian himself to share it.

Sorry, I meant that more than just a couple people had to have downloaded it while it was up – hopefully one realizes it’s okay for them to make it available to download, and is willing to do it.

Today was the 2.83.1 release, frustrating that the splash screen’s .blend file isn’t back up on the Demo page yet. That Youtube vid really whet my appetite for it.

For the people who downloaded it and were feeling a little too precious about it, there you go:

WARNING: the licence of this file is for non-comercial use only (according to Ian himself), by downloading you agree with it.


Hey, thanks oodles! :+1:

The new version went up this morning – thanks Ian!