Another character. She has been in my mind for a long time, so I decided to finally make her. Starfire from Teen Titans.


me looking at the title of this topic: "is this is the same guy who did that Raven?"
me clicking the topic: Yess :blue_heart:

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Haha - yup, as far as I know, I’m the same guy :stuck_out_tongue:
Really nice to know you remember me :wink:

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Clothes. For now without any details, without textures, only simple materials to see how it will look like with colors.


Oh boi, the whole month has passed since the last update in this thread. On one hand because there is always a lack of time for such my side projects, and on the other because I was super fixated about procedural materials for some reason. Especially for clothes. Well, materials are based on regular textures, but on them is a lot of nodes adding details procedurally. There are still a few details to be done, but as most textures are made, it’s time to show progress. I have only a small problem with this green energy, whose material is volumetric and entirely based on the emissive channel. It turns out that materials made in this way don’t render correctly, even if in viewport everything is fine. That’s why instead of render I just upload a screenshot from Blender. Now I have to fix this material somehow.


It’s stunning the level of detail! Did you use particles for the fringe on her shorts?

Thank you! Yes, these little threads are entirely made with particles. Their color is based on skirt material with some additional color variations to show small discolorations etc.