Summer path

Hello !

here an another scene created last year. All done in Blender. Trees were made using The Grove, I used mainly Graswald and the Grass Essentials for the grass and the path was done using a Poliigon texture. The HDRI is from HDRI Haven.


Wow! That was incredibly realistic! I could have mistaken it for the real thing.


the lighting is awesome!

Thank you !

Great work.
I love Graswald. The other addons are also great.
If I was to get picky I’d say the clovers seem a bit too big and the leaves are a bit to sharp in shading, but naaah…
it’s awesome !

Did you use GPU for this or CPU ? How was the RAM usage ?

Jarek D (DJ)

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Thank you !
I only used CPU as, if I remember correctly, it took about 7 GB of memory just for the rendering process.

looks really great dude…

You’re #featured! :+1:

Really nice work!

Never heard of The Grove, but checking the website it looks like a very well thought out plugin.
What I didn’t find is what you get with the ‘basic’ Grove install. Do you need any additional twigs to get started? If so, it all adds up quite quickly cost wise.

Thanks for any answers,

Thank you !

You have to buy the twigs separately or you can model them by yourself. The Grove is a very nice tree generator (no palm or coconut trees yet). Select one preset, adjust some parameters as you need and you have just to click “grow”. Each time you click, it adds 4 years to the tree, but you can configure that number too. Personaly, I think the trees generated look very realistic and natural, for what I need.

I DID! :rofl:

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@wavk can you answer this question about the Grove?

Lovely stuff!

I’m also curious about the render times/Setup.

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Their is also mtree if you want and I guess you can use it with the twigs from the groove, maybe better for your budget.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

I don’t mind paying for a plugin, but with all the twigs added to the Grove addon, it really starts to add up.
If I do a quick calculation, with some discounts on the twigs, it’s well over 500 euros.

Thank you Bart, have a great week-end too !

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The place I live used to look similar to this, all over the place. Now it’s full of residential houses. Good work on this.

Perfect. So realistic. I hate you :smile:

I really like it. Did you use the materials from graswald and the groove twigs as is or did you have to tweak them?