Sunday Morning - ArchViz

Six months ago I quit my job as surveyor and decided to become a 3D freelancer.
Not very smart move, I know, but the call of 3D and Blender was too powerful.
I have to admit, seeing how Blender was improving I fell in love with how powerful and simple was it’s UI.
Well this is one of my portfolio renders and product of 6 month learning and training. I made this house to use it as an asset for future exterior renderings so it’s nothing glamorous. I still have a lot to learn so please, all criticism is welcomed.


Sublime !

amazing grass :slight_smile: where is it coming from ?
i’m creating grass myself i’d like to check it out

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Thank you!
You already created it :slight_smile: It’s Scatter.

But it isn’t just default template, I tweaked it a little.

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Awww ok i didn’t recognized the model.

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Material is native.
I just tweaked some scattering settings and mixed different assets.


Mmmm … @BD3D, its the second time you ask about your own plugin … :open_mouth:

About the image, its really well done. I like it so much. The only thing I consider a little bit high is the chromatic aberration added.

But very good work. Congrats.

Thank you!

I tried to give it just a slight abberation but I guess it’s true what they say.
When you think it’s enough bring it down a notch :slight_smile:

Very nice render. I sincerely hope all goes well for you in your endeavors.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

@dogdayfear Well if you want to sell your product then you have to promote it any chance you are given. It is pretty common and normal to do so. It might be seen kinda “sellout” way but that’s what bussiness is all about and I am ok with that (just having a good product and expect that it will sell on it’s own…well that’s not enough). I hear what you are saying but there are always 2 ways to look at it.

Good job and great start, keep it up (this is already sellable quality of archviz). If you wanna read few of my suggestions then here we go:

  1. This model is kinda low quality to be that close to camera - use different model or get rid of it completely if you don’t have better one.

  2. Use higher res background and maybe a bit more appealing (for this type of image - archviz promote - it could something more saturated with more noticeable clouds etc.) - you might wanna try to look at HDRI haven and get some of like 16K HDRIes to be saved as JPEG, trimmed and used there (high quality for free)

  3. Roof is made with archipack addon I assume? Model is good but material should have more randomness in it. Create like 3-4 same shaders but tweak their gamma/satur and use them on random tiles of this roof

  4. Chimney as not bad but is kinda too “clean” and might wanna need a bit more details (more metal parts at the top, etc.)

  5. Flower path is too uniform and scale seems a bit off here and there. Needs more randomness imo and more variability model/shaderwise. Again if you lack more models then tweak this one by yourself, create like 3-4 variants of this model and also more shaders with tweaked colors.

  6. Looks like lower sample settings together with denoiser took it’s toll (might need a bit more samples). Also again randomness, create more variations of that tree with different gamma/saturation shader wise.

Overall feeling is good and it is an eye appealing image so good job but there is still room for improvement. Keep it up!


@Fallirini I dont know why you mention me about selling products. Perhaps you wanted to mention other user?

About your sugestions, thanks a lot for pointing details of the image that could improve it. For regular enthusiaths of 3d like me, those details are not easy to see and you revealed them. Its a great help. Thanks.

It appeared that you are curious why @BD3D is commenting works where there was his plugin used. I might got that wrong and in that case I am sorry If I offended you somehow.

About critics you are welcome, everybody is learning continously (me included) and everytime someone is pointing out stuff like this to my work it is always great help so I am trying to do the same If there is a time to do so.

You did not offended me at all. I just did not understood. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t4:

All your suggestions are welcome to learn. Thanks.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:


No I stopped « advertising » on BA long ago. I did propose reduction for artist I like (and I still do by private message) but in general I’m just curious if the art I see was used with my work or not :slight_smile:I don’t see why it’s curious at all frankly as a dev it’s always cool to see your tool being used.
(And on thistopic I really didn’t knew the grass was mine. It was for pure research)

But let’s not flood this nice topic shall we :slight_smile:

Would not quite former job completely but…think and wish you can earn for living w/Archviz ))

Thank you so much for taking the time and writing this.
I agree with everything 100%.

P.S. About that blue sky. I had one version with blue sky, and although it is completely normal for sky to be rich blue on a sunny day (and clients would love it much more) I thought it just broke the image with it’s color/saturation. Maybe it is just me, or maybe i would had to change other colors to make it more appealing.

Thank you! Means a lot!

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There wasn’t really a chance for me to improve on the old job and the pay was too low for my education level, so I had to change it. And then I thought, hell I’ll just go the whole way while I’m at it. I know it will be tough but I would be really sorry if I never tried. Thank you for kind wishes!
Btw. I’m not just into ArchViz, I love the whole shebang :slight_smile:

You are welcome,
color grading is extremely difficult part of post production and I am struggling with it myself (a lot of people do). It is also pretty darn important aswell and a lot of high quality archviz projects are so good for this very reason (color grading being handled). But yep it is a struggle and you never know if it is better to use that or this to make your final image better, you simply try, try, try and try until you figure it out (or you do think so… :slight_smile: )