Tesselator Quad-Remesher


(Jeacom) #1

Hey there, I’ve been working in this addon for a looong time and finally I can present the Tesselator Remesher (I wish its a good name LOL), This is a particle system based remesher that convert sculpts into regular meshes.

Although I like to call it a “Quad remesher” I wont lie, Its classified as “Quad Dominant” Remesher, just like isntant meshes, which means it’s mostly quads but with some triangles although It can generate Quad-only meshes by subdividing it in to a quad mesh.

link: https://blendermarket.com/products/tesselator

The main goal of this addon is to convert sculpts into basemeshes that can be re-sculpted with multires but this remesher can:

  • Create quad-only meshes
  • triangle-only meshes
  • mixed Quad-Triangle meshes
  • Resulting meshes follow the main features of the mesh
  • Additional guides with Grease Pencil are possible.


Auto-retopology tools compared
Quadriflow remesher
Auto-retopology tools compared
(masterxeon1001) #2

wow. i was watching someone do something similar on Facebook. Are you the same guy?

The solving system looks crazy.

(masterxeon1001) #3

goes back to sleep

(Bohdan Lvov) #4

Mind blown.
Is there a chance for additional density masking, like in ZRemesher so it would take a special care of masked areas?

(Piotr Adamowicz) #5


(Jeacom) #6

Actually thats a nice idea, would you go with vertex groups or sculptmask?

(Bohdan Lvov) #7

I think sculpt mask would be more intuitive, but both options sound viable!

Oh, and masking would be easier to use on a mesh with a bazzilion vertices.

(Jeacom) #8

Ok then, noted for next update. shouldn’t be hard to implement, just another particle scale multiplier.
But it means we would have two resolution sliders(Min / Max).

(Bohdan Lvov) #9

Sure, that’s just for those delicate places like face features, eye leads and all of that stuff, which gets distorted with regular resolution, but setting it so a smaller one will make not-so-detailed areas just a waste of topology.
Good example is this moose’s eye socket, which is dense enough in general, but that rim is distorted due to too big and twisted quads.

(Jeacom) #10

Yeah I actually tried to make an automatic scaling factor “Adaptiveness”, you can find it in the advanced settings but it doesn’t always work.
You are right, would be better to manually tweak the scale.


(Piotr Adamowicz) #11

The grease pencil guides are nice, but it would be super cool if we could “comb” the “particles” manually before remeshing.

Also, it’d be nice to have some control over how important preserving mesh density (or uniformity) is versus avoiding singularities.

(Metin Seven) #12

Interesting add-on. Added to my auto-retopology comparison thread.

A question: in the above interface screenshot I don’t see a “Pure Quads” option. I assume that mode will be active as long as the Pure Triangles and Quads and Triangles buttons are deactivated?

(Metin Seven) #13

Bought it. Looks promising.

A first observation: the X Mirror option doesn’t result in symmetrical topology, even though the object is fully symmetrical. How come?

(Metin Seven) #16

I’ve made a quick comparison between the Blender add-ons Tesselator and Dynremesh, using their default settings. In terms of even topology distribution, Tesselator / Particle Remesher seems to be the best of the two Blender solutions, using its own algorithm in stead of a combination of native Blender tools (Dynremesh). Interestingly, after subdivision, both solutions show topology artifacts in different areas.

I’ve included the Blender file.

Blender auto-retopo add-ons test Blender file.zip (3.5 MB)

(Jeacom) #17

The drawback with local methods is that they never leave a clean mesh, only global algorithms can avoid artifacts and those either harder to implement or slow or both.

Particle remesher is just a “Soap Bubble” simulation so, its a local method and will create artifacts.

I hope I could minimize them enough, my last method barely could be called a quad remesh.

(Jeacom) #18

Thats a problem I am trying to get rid of. When the particles form a hexagonal pattern right in the middle of the symmetry axis, there is a chance of they connecting in an asymmetrical way.

(Metin Seven) #19

I can imagine the limitations. You’ve already done a nice job. Particle Remesh is the best auto-retopo solution for Blender at the moment.

Maybe I’m asking something impossible, but could it be an option to implement the Quadriflow algorithm? That’d be great.

(Jeacom) #20

I can’t promise, I f*kin understand nothing about calculus but yeah I want to implement it for sure.
But… Thats what I see in those papers:

(Metin Seven) #21

:grin: :grin: That’s about the same as I understand from the paper’s tech talk.

(Jeacom) #22

Just for curiosity.

I had an Idea of how to reduce the artifacts in the remesh with a post processing algorithm, a quite greedy one, by loop subdivision.
But If I implement that, Sculpt Mast will be pointless since it will remove the singularities that create the density variation.

Would you guys prefer Density Masking or Cleaner Toology?