TexTools for Blender

I can reproduce this bug, but only if i change translation to spanish, were “Principled BSDF” is translated as “BSDF Principista”.
Interface in english works fine.

I guess this addon would need to be updated to make use of PrincipledBSDFWrapper instead of node names.


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You say right , I Switch language English. ALL of English , include tooltip interface and new data… It’ok, the addons works fine. … not any bugs.

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@pilotchiao, you only have to uncheck Nuevos datos, (New Data) and you can use Blender in spanish and all textools will work fine.

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I test it … usefully. Thank you …

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Hi there and thank for making blender UV better but each versions i am trying for 2.79 give me errors when i try to activate the addon?

What version do i need for blender 2.79?

Hi, @polynut, you have to download from oficial web page, http://renderhjs.net/textools/blender/
here : http://renderhjs.net/textools/blender/Blender_TexTools_1.3.0.zip

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Thanks, works fine now.
It would be great to have a warning on the README about this.

I tried the one from there and it also give me errors so maybe it’s my 2.79 version is not compatible with it.

Guessing this does not work with latest blender RC.

It works very well with RC1.

I just tried it and in 2.8RC1 it requires update error to 2.8

I guess you downloaded the addon from the original repo, tried @SavMartin port to 2.80?

ThankYou !

Yes I ended up with the 2.30 version…but that’s OK as I still run 2.79b for stuff that’s not ported to 2.8 ( Yet ) actually I still have 2.49 and 2.6 as there are several plugins I use that were orphaned back then!

I Installed the TexTools Addon on my Blender 2.8RC1 (RC2, and 2.8 as well), get the error when I try to Bake maps. I see in replies that it is working on RC1 for some others.

What can cause that?

Im big fan of this tool since it was realesed as plugin for max years ago…

You need to change the addon folder name from TexTools-Blender-master to textools.

It’s working like a charm, thank you my friend !

By the way, is it possible to move the documentation buttons to the other side of the label? I keep pressing them accidentally when I want to expand the panels.



No more problem with that , especial version for you. :wink:

textools_ver_bassig.zip (1.3 MB)


btw, you don’t have to click on the little arrow to expand. You can click on the whole section name as well :wink:

Nice, you’re my hero. :smiley:

@zaha I’d have to move the cursor farther to the right though. That’s clearly not efficient enough. :wink:

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