The 313

The 313 is a classic car that most Donald Duck fans knows about, a car that he’s been using since the 1930s so it’s a bit run down, but as you can see it still runs quite well!
I actually modeled Donalds head in Maya some years ago but didn’t finish it back then, and then modeled the car and started with the scene in Blender about a year ago, and then of course got sidetracked with other projects. But now I finally finished it! So everything except the head is modeled in Blender, all shading and texturing is done there as well (the shader tree for the car paint is way to big and messy), rendered in Cycles at ~7480x4987 and then some Photoshop on top of that :slight_smile:

The reason that I wanted to do such a highres render was because I wanted to be able to zoom in at those nice details on the car paint and the feathers on his head. Thou my 8gb vram and 16gb system ram wouldn’t really allow it, so I had to do a work around that some might be interested in. I duplicated my camera, changed the focal length from it’s original 135mm to 270mm and then used the shift function to rendered each of the four corners at the time. That allowed me to do four ~4K renders that I then (with some overlapping) could stitch together to make one big file. Was a tad more work, but still worth it. The combined render time wasn’t more than an hour anyways at 128 samples on my 3060ti.


Why this forum only has hearts to give! This one is more like :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :exploding_head: :100: :dolphin: :astonished:
The car itself looks really well made and loved the texturing you made, especially all the small dents and usage marks. Donald too looks exactly how I would expect that Donald would look by now on the official Disney shows. Overhaul is a Master Piece! Great job!


That’s some nice praise, thanks a lot! ^^

Wow, I thought that this is screenshot from Disney movie!
Amazing! :+1: :clap: :slight_smile:

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nice its pixar level, did you used the motion vector pass,or its straight from the camera?

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Thanks for the nice words guys! ^^
No motion vectors, just pure raytraced motion blur. Using this custom shutter curve thou since it gives a smoother and nicer motion blur with a bit more “direction” :slight_smile:


This is insanely good. :metal:t2:

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Hi, loving this piece, too!

I am especially impressed by the cloth material of the cap/hat and jacket, fantastic!

May I ask why the edge of the beak is striped/segmented? Is that something coming from a real-life duck that you incorporated? Or is that the duck version of wrinkles because of his age? Then I want to see your version of Scrooge McDuck’s beak! :smiley:

Also this tiny windshield barely protecting the hands from the wind and the little wipers, great! :slight_smile:

The only thing I would love to see would be his three nephews cramped together on the back seat, but I can understand that you don’t want to add this effort, too!
Even as a child I wondered if this tiny (fold-out?) backseat is purely fictional or if there ever was a real car with that kind of backseat.

Cheers and all the best!

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Thanks! ^^
The beak is striped segmented because I wanted to make it sortof like a human lip, but more ducky instead. But I actually made that when I did the whole head those years ago, and I had a thought that I wanted to remake the texture and make it better and cleared now but, for some reason I just didn’t. So yeah, I agree that it could be better :slight_smile:
I actually started making that duck head for a Scrooge thing I was doing back then, so yeah maybe I should finish that one to. Here’s a wip of the environment I was doing.

Yeah I was thinking about making his nephews as well, but as you say it was a bit to much effort for ^^
The car is actually based on a car called American Bantam, and it does not have that backseat. But maybe some other car back then had it, dunno?

Thanks a lot for your comment! :slight_smile:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Nice, thanks bartv!

Wow, this make my day. Fantastic render of one of my favorite character. btw. make Scrooge scene too. And couple more “automotive” renders :smiley: As kid I have one… good memories.

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Thanks a lot for you comment :slight_smile: Might do a Scrooge scene as well some day, but before that I’m quite sure that I’ll be making a Duck Avenger version with the 313. Gonna be awesome ^^

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yes, yes, yes :slight_smile:
btw. toy I mention have three Donald nephews in back trunk. Believe or not, I cant forget this toy, even these days. Maybe you can make one such scene… reuse Donald head and add some partially body’s for kids. Most of them will be hidden anyway.

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Extremely gorgeous. Congratulations, mate!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Nice work!

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:100: This is one of the best car post I have seen on Blenderartist!

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There were many cars made where the back seat was pretty much incorporated into the boot, (trunk), especially older classic cars, such as the Plytmouth 1937 roadster.

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