Tiny Village

A quick project for fun and practice, made with Megascans and Graswald and rendered with Cycles in Blender 3.0. This is my first time using the Nishita Sky Texture in a larger scene, it was really fun to mess around with the parameters and see everything work perfectly in the viewport in real-time. I rendered out a bunch of other lighting setups, feel free to comment which is your favorite!






You can check me out on youtube, I’ve got a bunch of Blender content there: https://m.youtube.com/c/allo3d


I like the concept and the composition! Also I think it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple of tiny dwellers somewhere in the village))

Thanks! Since this was just a small project, I didn’t want to make characters, but I definitely considered it.

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Great work ! :clap:
Keep going :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks so much!

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Beautiful work. I love how you lit the scene. It really makes the mushrooms look almost magical.

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Thanks, the sky texture really works amazingly

I’ve never used the Nishita Sky Texture before. Now I want to try it. Thanks for sharing that you used it to achieve your lighting.
I like number 1 the best. But I also like 4.

Glad you could learn something new!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


good work with texture light and the camera view

Thanks so much, Bart!


This is amazing!

Just add (glowy) moths!

Jokes aside, this is really gorgeous. I’ve been starting a series of some similar type deal of mood/scenery (also with mushrooms and all) and this was awfully inspiring! Especially the crop thing - i think beginners overlook these actually simple and straightforward concepts a lot if they don’t have an academic background or read a few books on composition and photography, which i did not do either one :smiley:

If I had to critique this I’d say the SSS goes a little too hard for it to look like “real” mushroom but that’s always what we do because it just looks awesome amirite :wink: i did the same

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks a lot man! You’re right, I’m a sucker for glowing mushrooms.

I think #5 is my favorite overall, although they are all outstanding work.