Topogun 3 is coming

After quite a while, the Topogun retopologizing tool will be revived soon with a new version 3.


Why resurrect the dinosaur? lol
Hopefully blender’s retopo tools comes first :wink:


They better have something exceptional in their voodoo coding bag or else people wont trust a software developer that goes away without answering!


I wonder if Topogun 3 will offer an effective auto-retopologizer as well. With tools like QuadRemesher becoming available, retopo is heading more and more towards automation, which is heaven for lazy bastards like me.

Let’s be honest here retopology and UV are 2 of the most ridiculous thing in the 3d pipeline in 2019.

The main reason is that software engineers are in severe shortage for the past 15 years.

If we had the software engineers level we had in the 90’s the workflow would have been seriously upgrade.

Many people in studios around the world can tell you that the most common cause for absenteeism is RSI!

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I’m eagerly awaiting the first auto-retopologizer based on AI / ML. I think determining optimal quad-polygon structures based on thousands of 3D model inputs would be a great application for AI / ML.

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lol :joy:

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:grin: Haha, I only now realize that the Topogun name for the application has been a wink to Top Gun all along.

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hehehe… this revival of the 80s is a panacea

I assume topogun is a dedication to the film as a hymn to speed

Nice, one of my favorite retopo tools! Can’t wait to try the beta. I wonder how many people are still using it.