Unable to find tutorial to keep light from reflecting off object

So I need a way so the light does not bounce off of a object in the scene.
blenderartistscollectionon.blend (2.5 MB)

So I want a light to hit the gold text but I do not want it to hit the marble. I need to find a tutorial for 2.8 that will show me who to keep a light from effecting a certain object or a certain material. I am using Cycles but hope to know a method for Eevee as well.

I did find a tutorial for 2.79 but nothing here seams to apply to what I want to do.

I have been watching some very complicated videos about compositiing and collections and view layers but non of that is giving me information on how to exclude objects from a light.
It would seam like I could make tell a blender light what collections I want it to effect. I just need a step by step tutorial like this one that shows me how but for 2.8

Any suggestions ?


maybe this page is what I need to study ? I just keep thinking there would be a method where I choose what lights I want to effect an object OR a way I could tell the light what object it should acknowledge.

So this tutorial does explain how view layers and render layers are the same. But I am still trying to wrap my mind around how I can stop a light from hitting a object.

this video shows how to set up two scenes like Photoshop layers.
I can understand that.
But this is confusing me. I do not want two scenes I want to control what objects my lights ak-knowledge. LIke that would give a person so much control over the scene If I wanted to make one group of objects brighter because they are the climatic point of the scene I could. Thats what Im thinking. Someone said something about groups and lights.

So now I found this Post:

“U mean in Cycles?
It exists in LuxCore Render as far as i know”

And here is a difinitive answer

Jan 30

Light linking is a recurrent feature request.
It is not supported by Cycles or EEVEE.
Workaround is to use compositing nodes.
You have to create 2 light set-up different for 2 view layers and to combine them through compositing nodes.

Ok but what if the first light reflects a little bit on the object in the first scene… ? would I make a dummy object to capture reflections. ??

I was thinking that we could just find a list of objects a light would akwnowlege but it appears that is not possible. I thought there would be a addon that woudl do this. Lots of lighting addons. If lighitng is to be PBR I suppose its just not realistic to think that you can turn light off for some objects. Like it goes against mother nature or something. I suppose some materials can be set to capture more light ?

ok so I will watch this one about 8 times and maybe I can gather a few facts. Ohh and I suppose I COULD READ the manual.

This example might help. Note there are three collections inside the Scene Collection, and two view layers (accessible from the drop-down at the top of the outlinner. The sphere collection has a sphere and a reddish light. The Room collection has a copy of the sphere but no reddish light. In the room the sphere is not visible to the camera (check object properties) but does cast shadows.

One view layer has the room collection, the other has the sphere collection, and they are rendered separately and can then be composited. You can exclude any collection from a view layer by right clickintg on it and selecting ViewLayer->Disable from View Layer.

lighting_scene.blend (890.0 KB)

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