[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)

We are going to add support for Linux and Mac as soon as possible, unfortunately I cannot provide an ETA for now.

Do you mean “Manual Groups” from UVPM 2? Manual grouping was in fact significantly improved in UVPM 3 - you can now create a grouping scheme with a set of named groups and assign UVs to the groups in a similar manner as in UVPM 2. You can also export such a grouping scheme to an external file, so you can easily import the scheme in a different blend file.

For more info on grouping schemes, refer to this page in the documentation.


Thanks for answer.
Yes, manual grouping :). But as I understand, this scheme is for assigning these groups to UV tiles, right?
I mean if it’s possible just to have groups only for organizating purpose, selecting etc. Not affecting any uv packing feature

I am not sure how you used manual groups in UVPM 2 exactly. Just keep in mind that every functionality of manual groups in UVPM 2 is also present in UVPM 3 grouping schemes: assigning, selecting, deselecting etc.

Of course you can accidentally make group assignment to affect the packing process (it’s its main purpose, isn’t it?), but note that it was also the case for UVPM 2, so I do not exactly get a difference here.

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I see. I will try to test it more, maybe I didn’t get the functionality correctly.

Anyways I’d like to thank You for this addon, because it realy saving my time a lot.

Hi glukoz! Congratulations on another release! Instantly upgraded after I saw the email (took me a while, haha), but I’m on linux so I haven’t been able to check out version 3 yet. Just wanted to say thanks for working on this, UVP has always been one of my favorite tools in the arsenal! :smiley:

P.S. Your upgrade policy is way too generous considering how good your product is and how much mind-numbing repetition it saves me. You totally could have asked for more and I wouldn’t have blinked. We need to keep you motivated! :smiley:


Hi, upgraded to UVP3 and it’s awesome. I’m missing validating uv option like in UVP2, is this removed? or any alternate option there?
Screenshot 2022-01-20 115421
Screenshot 2022-01-20 115414

Thank you for a nice comment!

Regarding our upgrade policy: so, the general rule is that the user has to pay only the difference between the new version price and the amount they already paid. And to be honest I cannot imagine we do not follow this rule.

Now I agree that the UVPM 2 → UVPM 3 upgrade policy is even more beneficial for users who purchased UVPM 2 long before (when it was less expensive) but keep in mind that this special offer is limited in time and soon it will not be available at all (one will have to pay the difference in prices in order to upgrade).

UV validation was added as a native Blender feature some time ago. In the UV editor check the Select menu → Overlap.

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I’ve been thinking about buying UVPM3, I’m currently paying for RizumUV and would like to know if there is any general road map or general functionality that might get added later down the line like tools to deal with stretching or unwrapping or more general UV tools.

I understand this may be hard to answer but i don’t want to be stuck in a position where i pay for something (That is not cheap when converting to my currency) and never using it.

That being said i don’t expect a 1 to 1 with Rizum it has a lot of tools i don’t use.

If you really can’t answer at all that’s ok as well, i will just wait and if it gets updated with tools i think can let me replace Rizum ill buy at that time.