Vertex Color Master

I just tested this addon with the latest version of Blender (2.79a) and it turns out that it really was just a bug fix release, so there is still no support for vertex alpha, meaning that if you want to use vertex alpha, you still need to use a build from’s buildbot server.

I also noticed that somehow I had messed up the gradient tool axis snap function in a really stupid way (everything worked, but I wasn’t acually assigning the axis constrained value to the end of the gradient line…), so I fixed that too. Sorry to anyone that wanted to use it but couldn’t.

Cool stuff, just some gif with showing features:

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Thanks! I should probably do a better feature gif myself :slight_smile:

By the way, how do you get the redo panel as a popover? That looks really useful.

Press F6 after you have used any tool.

Oh man, the gradient tool. You’re my hero for that reason alone :slight_smile:

That was JoseConcesco, actually! He had his own set of tools and found mine useful and asked me to integrate it, so credit goes to him for the initial implementation. Anyway, if anyone has other ideas for things that need to be added, please post them here and I’ll try to add anything that seems really useful.


Very nice addon, thanks for it !
I am using it for game assets.
Is it possible to randomize mesh island color only on a specific channel ?
When we isolate an active channel, the option is no more available.

Here is my usecase :
I am making trees and use small branches with leaves as particles, for placement.
I have a vegetation shader that use vertex colors : Red for ambient occlusion, Green for phase (offsets in the wind cycles), and Blue for wind intensity.

For the branches with leaves, I paint the blue channel on the source branch, convert the particle system and join all the branches. Then I would like to randomize island color on the green channel only. And finaly I will search if there is a way to bake ambient occlusion and transfert it to the red channel. (If you have any idea for the ambient occlusion to vertex color process, i am very interrested.)

I found a workaround to randomize meshes islands on a specific channel without altering other channels :
Make a second vertex color set, randomize it, then copy a channel from the second vertex color set to a specific channel on the first vertex color set.
I also found how to bake ambient occlusion to vertex color.

Thanks again for this amazingly usefull addon.

PS: Radial gradient would still be nice, even if we can use the one in the weight paint mode and then transfert it to vertex color.

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Yes, copying to and from channels is a workaround for many issues you might have, but it would be nice in the future to improve the workflow of this addon, as there are many issues right now, especially if used with Blender 2.79.0, which doesn’t support some of the useful features that have been added to Blender’s master code branch and can be used by getting a build from the Blender buildbot.

I’d like to work on the addon some more at some point, but since there are relatively few users and I’m not using it myself that much right now, I’m probably going to wait until 2.8 is in beta before I start improving it again.

Anyway, glad you have found it useful!

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Really awesome! thanks for sharing, I do feel the need for better vertex painting tools in blender :slight_smile:
Hope you continue to improve it!

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Any chance of a 2.8 update for this addon? I’ve been making use of it in my Blender > UE4 workflow and it’s been a huge help.

Yes, I am planning to update the addon soon, but I have been busy with other things so not had the chance yet. It’s a relatively simple addon, so hopefully it won’t be too much work to port. If I do update it, it will probably happen in January.

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Nice job with this addon. Is it possible to implement material color to vertex color? I don’t like random if its about ID map because of less control and manually picking color is taking some time. Thanks.

I’ll look into it once I get it working in 2.80. Updating shouldn’t be a huge job, but I am too busy right now :frowning:

I would love a version for 2.8. I use it almost exclusively now but still really need some of the tools for vertex painting.

Once you get the chance it would be very appreciated.

Or just get it into the actual main branch.

Edit: Fixed download link (was pointing to broken version)

I did a little bit of work on it the other day and it can now be used in 2.80. However, it’s still not where I would like it to be, so I haven’t made a new release; The basic functionality is mostly working again, but it still needs a lot of polishing and fixes.

You can download the latest Blender-2.80 branch zip from my github (direct download) and it should work with current 2.80 builds. I’ll try to get some more fixes in today and over the next week or so.

If you want to use vertex masking, you need to go into weight paint mode and toggle it there, because it’s not exposed in the vertex paint UI. I’ll probably add that directly to the addon UI, but I’ve made a bug report, so maybe it will get fixed directly in Blender soon.

I’m always using your addon for a minor vertex color editing (fill and invert) and it appers very handy. Thanks!

I was trying to use this to transfer colours from UV mapped texture to vertex colours but couldn’t seem to figure it out, can this addon do this?

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No, it can’t do this. That’s something you can do with the bake settings in Blender 2.79, although I’m not sure if you can do it in 2.80 yet, since it was in the old internal render engine bake settings afaik.

I’m thinking about adding this feature to the addon though, because someone else mentioned it earlier in the thread, so it’s on my list of features to add.


Looks like your addon will improve Vertex Alpha painting for me at least (transfer to Alpha from R for example). Saw your todo list. Coincidentally some devs may be poking around in related code if you had feedback or wanted guidance. Some of my Vertex Color gripes, not particular to your add-on though, are here:

Thanks btw.