Vertex Color Master

Many thanks for the addon.
It is very useful for me in 2.79.
Unfortunately i cannot get it to work in 2.8.
there is “vertex color master” under misc in vertex paint mode, but there is nothing within.

the system console shows me an error in line 1721
“AttributeError: ‘Scene’ object has no attribute ‘vertex_color_master_settings’”

Am I doing something wrong?


This is neat for sure. It would be even more awesome if it was possible to convert colors to weights.

I made an addon that did the reverse, (weights to colors) Now I am thinking that it would be nicer to go other way around as well.

If you have an interest in implementing it, I probably would wait for you and use your add-on for it. Otherwise I will revamp my oldie addon to do it in case someone else is looking for similar functionality.



There is a new temporary 2.80 release here:

This has a few broken features, such as the gradient tool, which I intend to fix soon, but most features are working properly. The UI only appears in the n panel when you are in vertex paint mode. I plan to improve the UI by adding a pie menu and doing some more cleanup.

@LoboTommy Thanks for the feedback. Vertex alpha IS supported in 2.80, but the render doesn’t display it, and it’s not possible to paint alpha. If you use this addon, you can edit the alpha channel with the isolate channel tool, and I think fbx export alpha works, but for now at least, you can’t see it in the viewport as you can with buildbot versions of 2.79.

@Faba Yes, sorry if it wasn’t working. It was probably the wrong version. Try the new release linked above.

@kkar You can already copy color to weight or weight to color. You just need to select the correct channels in the channel swap/copy part of the UI.


Thanks, that makes sense. That is great.

Many thanks! works fine now :smiley:

I made a proper release for 2.80 that fixes the gradient tool, adds foreground/background values for isolate mode, cleans up the UI a little and fixes some other bugs.

Release information
Direct download


Why is this plugin not supported by blender core developers?, damn… It’s so good, thnx a lot. I’m using blender 2.8 and only the randomize islands (that sets a uniform color for all islands) and the brush setter are not working, the rest is working fine.

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The developer should submit this to be included in the official addons.

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Here’s a new release which adds a pie menu, some UI improvements and fixes all the annoying bugs with switching between draw and blur modes as well as some other things. I’ve also updated the documentation to reflect the current state of the add-on.

Vertex Color Master v0.81
Release information
Direct download

As usual, let me know if you find any bugs and I’ll try to get them fixed up asap. Suggestions are also welcome, although I can’t guarantee I will be able to implement anything!

I will be keeping the add-on free, but I am considering putting it on Gumroad and Blender Market for anyone who would like to make a contribution. There is also a donate button on the release information page linked above.


I’m following the development of Vertex Color Master with much interest. Would it be possible to add:

  1. Grow and shrink options, so you can expand or contract a painted area? That would be very helpful when painting black and white vertex color masks.

  2. Global blur and sharpen functions. This would also be very useful for painting vertex color black and white masks.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

The addon isn’t really intended for working on high poly meshes and painting, but if people are using it that way I can look into features such as blur and sharpen (I was already thinking blur might be useful).

I don’t quite understand what you mean by grow and shrink. Do you mean a function that would expand an area of white painted on a black background for example? I think if I can get blur working, it would be easy to use a variation of remap to have the same effect as expand/contract (you can do this kind of thing in photoshop using blur and brightness/contrast).

Anyway, I’m sick of working on this today, so I’ll look into it the next time I feel up to it :slight_smile:

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Cool, thanks!

I’m predominantly working with high-res sculpted meshes and would love to see vertex painting in Blender become more like ZBrush polypainting (which is vertex painting). In ZBrush I use masking, expanding and contracting masks, and blurring and sharpening masks to determine areas to fill with black and white polypaint. Then I import the mesh into Blender and use the vertex channel as a mask to color or texture areas in a flexible way.

The drawback of this workflow is that you can only export one polypaint layer to a single vertex color channel, while it would be great to be able to paint multiple vertex color channels with varying masks for different areas, and blend them using MixRGB nodes.

When I try to do all vertex painting of masks in Blender, I quickly reach a point where more than about half a million polygons slow down the UI too much. Hopefully that will be improved in upcoming Blender 2.8 updates, but regardless of the slowdown, more vertex painting tools are very welcome.

You might want to have a look at the Mask Tools add-on, which offers very nice tools to expand / contract and blur / sharpen masks, which are probably also based on vertex colors.


Hello, thanks for this awesome addon.

I only have an issue with the Data Transfer - I don’t know how exactly it works when transfering from UVs to Vertex color. I only observe that it changes color when I move verticies across the UV space and only in certain color ranges - see the picture)


  • I am missig posibility to bake color data from Texture to Vertex color, which I currently need to do and dunno how in 2.8. I know that there is an addon for older Blender version (attached) but its not working for 2.8 :(. If somebody can make Texture to Vertex color bake for 2.8…it would be super mega awesome!!! (14.6 KB)

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Thank you for this addon @Mr_Flamey, this is really useful :slight_smile:

Just like @Hexaedre I’m using it for foliage and I’m having the exact same problem/request. If you find time, could you make Randomize Mesh Island Colors work just on one channel? For the time being I’m using the suggested workaround where you have to create a second color channel, randomize it and copy the values of just one channel.

I can look into features such as blur and sharpen (I was already thinking blur might be useful).

Blur would be absolutely incredible to have. I use this a lot for stuff like flags (all low poly) in Max. I will paint the whole flag black, paint the vertices that attach to a pole mesh white, then invert the selection and just blur it a ton. That way my vertices that are attachment points stay white and the rest of the flag blurs out from solid white as it get to the edge.

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In this particular case you can use the Linear Gradient, which gives the same result :slight_smile:

I added UV to vcol transfer for fun. I’m not sure it’s very useful though :smiley:
I have thought about doing a texture to uv color bake, but I thought this feature was supposed to be built into Blender, so I haven’t looked into it. I’ve also been a bit preoccupied with other things than 3D lately, so haven’t touched this addon, but if I get some time I’ll have a look at the script you linked and see if I can port some features from it.

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Glad you find the addon useful.

Single channel randomization shouldn’t be that difficult to implement, so if I get a bit of spare time tomorrow I will see if I can add it.

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You can already use the blur brush to blur, but I agree that a uniform blur accross the entire mesh would be useful for many purposes… not sure how easy it is to add though.

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I had a bit of time spare this morning, so I made a new release that fixes a minor bug and also allows random mesh island colors to work in isolate mode, so now you can randomise the colors of a single channel by first isolating it instead of using a work around.

Get the latest version here:
v0.82 for Blender 2.80