Vertex Color Master

@Mr_Flamey This is awesome, I’ve been hunting for a Vertex Coloring addon for 2.8 for a while now. I was about to start learning how to write my own if I couldn’t find one…

Currently, I’m using a plugin for Maya that bakes ambient occlusion data to vertex colors. That’s the main thing I need from vertex editing: the ability to get an ambient occlusion effect with vertex color baking.

Is that something that’s a bit more complex? I’d love to chat about this sometime, maybe if it’s out of your scope of what you want for your addon I’d love to begin figuring it out.

Thanks again!

The dirty vertex colors is close… but not accurate enough to count as AO. So that got me wondering.

AO to vertex color used to be a feature of the Blender internal renderer, so it was easy to do quickly in Blender by just pressing a couple of buttons. There was also an add-on that did the same thing in python code for the 2.7x series.

I have no idea how to code AO baking feature, but it might not be so hard if I can find the add-on which had that feature and pop the code into Vertex Color Master. I was also hoping the feature would be added back to Blender, but it doesn’t look like it will make 2.80 if it’s not in already, so I might have a look and see if I can figure it out.

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I understand that it’s another burden. I definitely appreciate anything you do and already have done. I’m in the process of learning Python myself, and I’d love to help create this tool you’ve got going. Definitely in need of a tool like this that can edit and adjust vertex colours and channels well.

Actually @dreamak said that he made some parts of the old script working againg, but there is something missing in the 2.8 API about detecting what texture is assigned to the model…or something like that. So maybe you can share some knowlage @Mr_Flamey

But yeah it makes no sense to work on that if it’s gonna be added by the Blender core team…IF :slight_smile:

I was bored and wanted to have blur, so I wrote an operator to do this. It basically just wraps the smooth vertex weights function from weight paint mode, allowing it to remain quite fast. Now you needn’t leave vertex paint mode to apply a blur across the whole object :smiley:

Get the latest version here:
v0.83 for Blender 2.80


Thanks for this great tool!
Ive been looking for a while for a way to do a gradient in blender! :slight_smile:

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We need transparency support in 3D view in any mode.
I found the way how to make it in the EEVEE render mode. There a many rules, but maybe you guys know how to do it easier.

I hope that the devs will do alpha channel transparency in the near future.


Yes, it’s a shame that the vertex alpha transparency doesn’t render in the viewport at the moment. I suspect it will be fixed in the future.

The lack of vertex alpha from attribute node is also very annoying, but hopefully it will be added in the future. Your workaround is a nice little hack - I wonder if I could make such a material for VCM that can be toggled to show alpha in vertex paint mode.

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…just stumbled upon your great addon, linked from this other thread i found Vertex Paint with alpha(Transperency)
Still have to test the whole thing, yet maybe this is a good workaround?..
(edit ok i just needed to read a post above, you akready knew about that…)

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Hi @Mr_Flamey.

In your addon, we have cool feature “Data Transfer”.


Where you can combine different channels from different “vertex color” attribute in the specific channel of another “vertex color”. My questions are: can you make to copy All channels at ones from on “vertex color” to another, all of RBGA? With possibilities of “data transfer” tool. Multiply, screen options.


The second question is: do you interested to develop a Layer system like in photoshop :smiley:? Because only software I know that can work with “layers” for vertex paint is Autodesk 3ds max with modifiers.

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Excellent Tool ,:grinning:

latest blender2.8 cannot use this python.

Create a proposal on for Vertex paint features. I think all the people in this topic are interested in show going on. Please vote

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Just used randomize_mesh_island_colors(). Bravo @Mr_Flamey. Separated HSV is wonderful. You’ve saved me a lot of time.

That feature was actually contributed by the talented @JoseConseco, so bravo to him!

Well damn. I bought Hair Tool so he already has his cold hard praise from me and not a penny more!

Actually it’s funny, I’m using that feature for hair bakes for UE4 and for my hair workflow which I use Hair Tool with. Where else has @JoseConseco been sneaking into my workflow I wonder? :thinking:


I think I contributed random color for making hair, before HT had build in hair baking functionality.
I also added color gradient tools, and maybe vertex masking? I dont remember well. I’m glad u like it.

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Well, I hate to dredge up some ancient work but, is there a limit to the size of mesh you can use with that function? I’m trying to use it with a mesh that is 2.7m tris and Blender just dies.

I can have a look at it as I rewrote some of the code. The add-on as a whole is actually pretty slow, and some of this is probably down to the code not being terribly well optimised, and some of it simply being down to needing to loop through millions of vertices with Python, which is probably copying a bunch of data and doing things that are not really recommended on such large arrays. There are probably ways to optimise this, but I don’t really have time right now, so can’t guarantee it will get fixed any time soon :confused: