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It’s currently not working in Audacity 3.0:

You’ll have to convince the coder of audaspace to implement those things in Blender.

Is there a way to align text in the centre (like in a WYSIWYG editor)?


Speed Strip:

Compositor in Scene Strip:

Scene Strip:


Frame Comparison:

Colorgrading w. Modifiers:

VSE (1.4 MB)


Has anyone noticed that mp4 output is totally effed in 2.8+? Any time I try to edit a video and output it to an h.264 mp4 the resulting video is full of dropped frames and weird jumpiness.

2.79 doesn’t have any problems.

If it hasn’t been fixed in the latest alpha, you should report bugs here: (If they aren’t reported already)

I just notice that I have this problem in 2.92.
It works fine in 2.83.

For Gsoc 2021 a student, Aditya Jeppu, has been accepted to work on the VSE strip thumbnails and on-strip modification icons:

A previous attempt to add thumbnails:


Video editing tutorial using Blender 3.0 Alpha, which includes Preview During Transform and Auto-Proxies:


As it is quite annoying the multi-tapping on J, K & L for playback speeds are missing from the VSE, an alternative approach could be to look at movement in the 3d space, where +shift alters the speed and +ctrl snaps, that could be translated into the following vse keys/functions: alt + mouse wheel = scrub 1/-1 frame, shift + mouse wheel = scrub 100/-100 frames and ctrl + mouse wheel = next/prev. strip end. Unfortunately + alt can’t be overwritten and is locked to ±1, so the +shift can’t lower the speed like in the 3d view. In a gif it looks like this: (1.8 KB)


A Feature Walkthrough of the Blender Video Sequence Editor
Going through various functions: UI, import, editing, insert, overlay, extend, grading, histogram, frame comparisons, transitions, scene strips, export and whatever comes to mind along the way.


just noticed this very interesting OpenTimelineIO addon:

Yes, I’ve tried to help Miadim out, however OTIO module is not ready for proper installation on Win yet.

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Add-on: Match Frame in another scene, for quickly jumping to source-material-scene and back to main edit:


This will improve a workflow of separating footage into scenes for better organization, and then copy & pasting into the main edit: