Weight Paint Tools


(JoseConseco) #1

Addon for blender containing tools for simplifying workflow in blender weight paint mode. Useful for riggers, animators and character artist but not only.

  • easy menu for applying weights to vertices - with properly working symmetry and auto normalization
  • mirroring weights
  • symmetrize vertex groups
  • easy picking/copying vertex weights
  • mixing vertex weights - add, replace, multiply.
  • improved smoothing, levels - with properly working symmetry and auto normalization

Grab it from https://gumroad.com/l/weight_paint_tools

As a bonus you can also get ‘Draw Weights’ addon for displaying all vertex groups with different color. It is useful for debugging problems with vertex weights, for example if color of vertex is too dark/bright it means weights assigned to it are not properly normalized (they are too low/ too high):

(JoseConseco) #2

Update 1.1 (24.08.2018):

  • added custom draw gradient tool (defautl hotkey ctrl+D (or from pie: ctrl+X -> Weight Tools -> Draw Gradient) - in weight paint mode when vertex masking is enabled). It has custom gradient profile option, and works with symmetry.
  • bugfixes, simpyfing workflow

(JoseConseco) #3

Update 1.2 (30.08.2018):

  • Added “Weight Paint Symmetry” operation that will help you to define symmetrical points on model

(JoseConseco) #4

Update 1.5 (13.10.2018):

  • symmetrize - merged into Mirror tool.
  • Mirror Tool - added ‘All groups’ option, to mirror all groups in selection (not just active group).
  • Mirror - Project - New tool same as above, but work with meshes that have non symmetrical topology.
  • ‘Draw Weights’ addon - added ‘Merge colors’ option. With it left and right bones will have same color.

Video added:

(MmAaXx) #5

this looks super useful!