What side effects did you get from the vaccine?

Good to know… I guess that’s why people drive by them and smack them with a baseball bat.

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Just went for my Pfizer booster, a slight stinging sensation at the injection site, which has subsided, nothing else so far…

I got my booster 4 days ago. All I had to face was the usual aching arm, which wasn’t as bad as the previous two shots.

It caught me by surprise, considering I was expecting the worst. Everyone I knew who got their booster beforehand told me it was the one that ended up knocking them on their asses.

i had my booster this week (3rd biontech). got aching limbs and a slight fever. also for 2 days it felt like i have tennis balls stuck in my arm pits. :rofl: never had such swellings before.

here is a nice video about how the mrna vaccines work:

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good one… lol

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Just got my booster shot 3 days ago (moderna). A little soreness in the arm but nothing else.

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Got my Moderna booster yesterday… arm soreness but that’s it.