WIP - What a pretty light! (Make a Splash in Amsterdam)

Hello everyone,

I’ve decided to reimagine 2.43 splash screen.

So, there is this boy looking at the sky marveled, well, I thought he could be on a cliff, but what could he be seeing on a cliff, the beautiful moon? the stars (I mean, there is literally sparkles in his eyes)? Nah, I could only imagine him seeing a bait, like the ones from those sea monsters. So here is a quick sketch, So the next couple of days I’ll be working on the design of the creature and planing to take advantage of sketchfab’s rotating factor so the spectator can see the danger while our poor clueless boy is, lets say, amazed by that pretty light in the sky…




Oh I loved that splash screen. And that’s a nice and scary take on it :ok_hand:

Edit: I remember it well - it was posted around the time my son was born. His name was Mathias, just like the artist, and I imagined him seeing the world like that.


That is actually a pretty thought, it kinda make me feel bad for my take on it :sweat_smile:


My next step I wanted to design or at least have some progress on the creature, BUT, I kind of have a burn out in that matter. So I tried a couple of different strategies to address that situation (Nothing worked) I actually tried using the AI DALL-E to have some inspiration and needless to say, the results didn’t disappoint me:

But I still have no much idea on how to take my approach on the creature… Then I realized that something I don’t really have to design from scratch is the actual boy so that would be my next step.


ACTUAL Next Step: Well, I started drawing some doddles in blender to start with the sculpting process. I’ve done faces before so I’m not that worried about it. But I can’t promise 100% accuracy :joy:



I suppose the blender file is no longer available for this splash screen?

No, I did search for it, it´s from 2007 I doubt is there somewhere.

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I’m getting there, I’d added nostrils but, in the picture doesn´t seem to have any, so I flatten that out.

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Here is my next stage, i’m getting closer to the actual facial expression. Once I’m happy with his face I’ll be focusing on the texturing of his face and the clothing.

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By this point I was satisfied with the face so I started to bake some textures. The first one was AO like texture using the pointiness function so I can use that later for more detail.

And continuing with a diffuse map to have finally some color on his face :smiling_face:

Taking advantage of the past me, I’ll be using a procedural skin shader that I made a while ago, so baking some more maps :clock3:.



Why not, let´s exploit some more the past me with a procedural eye that, now that I think about it, I built for cases like this :shushing_face:, I´ll have to modify a little bit the geometry to fit the wide pupil of our boy in the picture.

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