Yet another commercial eevee archviz

Hello. Here is my latest commercial archviz in eevee.
1 min, 32 secs per image.
No postpro.


this is super !!!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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This is eevee?! Wow. I would have thought Cycles or some other ray tracer!


Looks super realistic! I love the chairs fabric :slight_smile:


Looks like Cycles!


Thank you!
Well, it is only my IMHO but i belive that cycles is the past. Eevee is the future.
Especially when Ton promised in his twitter that they will add a RTX to Eevee.
Even now game engines could render a very good result comparable to Vray/Corona/Cycles etc.
So Eevee is the future of rendering not only for archviz, but for all.

That is insane , my eevee efforts look like crap. :slight_smile:

There is a pattern, as I perceive, starting to spell “Eevee” with interior renderings: they tend to be too uniformly and brightly lit. This is happening here too, in my opinion: a little toο bright, too uniform, almost a little flat.
I remember and still fight to get enough light through windows in Cycles (even with the huge boost and dynamic range of filmic rendering),bounces and all, leave plenty rich shadows, despite interior artificial lighting.
I toned my first attempts with Eevee down and went for more aggressive contrasts. I tried to use Cycles to calibrate. Then again: does it do the job to present to a client and give the ability to do so in real time? Yes, in an impressive way. In itself, that may be enough.
Specifically the good:

  • nice marble floor
  • nice glass and shiny ovens countertops
  • nice satin paint (though “too perfect”)
  • stucco in wall panels

and not so good :

  • the wood floor looks like an expanded decal
  • the velvety sofa pillows does weird things
  • fabrics, leather too, have some very strong highlights, as if they have dark Ambient Occlusion sketched over

Could you render this with Cycles for comparison?

great work.

What I kinda miss here is the cycles noise…
It’s just like with that analogue photography.
Everyone switched to digital cameras and suddenly there’s a high demand
on replicationg the photo grain in photoshop :slight_smile:

Or am I just going sentimental ;)…

the paint on the ceiling’s a bit too glossy for my taste…
but well there are different types of paint from pure matte to gloss.

Jarek D (DJ)

PS. If that’s eevee - where’s the animation ? :wink:

I’m in awe of those of you who have gotten to grips with eevee. BUT, they still always look like CGI. I’m sticking with cycles for now.

client didn’t pay for the animation - so there is no need to do this.
I’m on another project now - it will be an animation.

In previous i asked client on another interior to compare eevee and cycles - client said that he likes that there is no noise like in Vray and light is more “visible” (just as he said).

So if client liked eevee result - why wait hours for cycles results? and why pay renderfarms?

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yep AO on sofa pillows was to simulate the velvet effect, it looks weird that’s true, and since that all was done for 14 hours i just had no time to bake AO separately. In eevee AO node depands on AO value in render settings.

Btw, this was done in eevee too. Apartment archviz
And if with cycles i would need about 30 hours for rendering all images, now i need about 20 mins. And client happy. So, why we need at least 1 hour (really about 3 hours) per image, if client pays just same money for Eevee?

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I agree with you. Why should you spend hours for rendering with Cycles when the client don’t really want that (or want it faster so he goes with eevee)?
i see no problem with that. You have done a great Job, it’s a beautiful clean rendering. In my opinion, when you can save time with rendering it in eevee, why not?

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Nice work!!! Congrats!!! I´m seeing a time saver workflow in your rendering work, thanks for sharing. Could you pleas share your scene configuration, lights, EEVEE settings, world, etc? Regards

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HDR light + AO + lights. Just like in cycles but instead of GI i use similar HDR + AO.

that’s a good picture, but why not use cycles or vray maybe, the result is more than that bro,
I’m not an expert in rendering but maybe the results are better when using cycles,